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The Reason

Is is fate? Is it a consequence? Is it karma? Is it a lesson? Is it only an accident?

God allowed it.

We often experience things we cannot make sense off. Minsan nakakairita na kapag sinasabi ng iba, (Sometimes this phrase can be irritating,) "God allowed it because there's a reason for it." We grow impatient to know what THAT reason is. Mind-boggling.

God's understanding is different from ours. His thinking is different from ours. Different perspective. Higher than the highest aerial perspective we ever can reach... Kaya buntong-hininga na lang. (Sigh... That's all I can do.)

When you're tired of thinking, your mind can never process the sense in all the things that are out of your control, that's when you realize, "I shouldn't be thinking. I give up. I should be trusting God."

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