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Enough of Pretentiousness

I am tired of all the pretentiousness I see in facebook.

What makes a post inspiring, or at least interesting? To me, if it is true to the person who posted and speaks to the soul, it's worth my "like." Also, if it's a video of a baby, or dogs (especially chihuahuas), it deserves a like as well. 

Social media has opened the dimensions to freedom of personal expression, still a lot of us choose to put up a front. Why can't we just be true to ourselves? What's hindering us?

I noticed a lot of people posting and re-posting quotes that do not necessarily reflect who they are. Some are overly positive to the point of pretentiousness. I am most allergic to people who had to quote Bible verses that are not necessarily reflected in their lives. Some would even use the name of God in vain through these posts. Ang masakit, madaming naniniwala. {I'm afraid many believe them.}

Not that I don't believe God or I don't believe the Bible.
I believe God. We study the Bible in and out of church services. The thing is, I don't subscribe to using Bible verses just to promote myself or uplift my social status, to make people believe I am who I am not. Yung masabi lang na... {Just for the sake of posting something.}

The truth isn't always pretty. It can be harsh. That's what I want people to see - how harsh and painful the truth can be. Unpretentious, unlike most of our facebook friends.

This is my response. A collection of hugot's.

literal meaning - to draw something out from inside or from the deep
popular meaning - means something that you say, or post, that seems true to personal experience

Huwag sana magalit. 'Pag tinamaan ka, tanggapin mo nalang.;)Pasensya na kung medyo hugot.Peace tayo.Nagsasabi lang ako ng totoo. ;)**IMAGES edited by me. Free to share if you want to. Thanks**
Posted by Kye Felix on Monday, September 14, 2015

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