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Change: Happening Too Soon?

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte just is days away from his oath-taking yet black propaganda is so eager to bring him down. It was during the campaign season that we realized an imbalance in our long trusted media outlets.

His supporters' rallies were not seen on TV. Instead, we saw anti-Duterte advertisements aired on major TV networks.

Take a look at what how allergic certain people/groups are to change.

Remember the exploited children used in this video?
Shame on you TV Networks!

Remember when he whistled at Mariz Umali and the issue was blown out of proportion by the media, while the Liberal Party shamelessly bend the COMELEC rules according to their favor and so little people care about it?

Remember when COMELEC decided to allow changes in the vote-counting machines during the vote-counting just to "fix" the "ñ"? THEY HAD TO DO IT IN THE MIDDLE OF TRANSMISSION OF VOTE COUNTS!?!?! IS THAT EVEN LEGAL?!?!

It seems that the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) fears the Liberal Party more than the laws they choose to break, and the citizens they are supposed to serve.

The Liberal Party wants to continue it's hypocritical "Tuwid na Daan" Campaign (Straight Path) claiming to know what is best for the Filipino people. Outgoing President Aquino is delusional thinking that he finally purged the government of corruption by imprisoning opposition senators while he shuts his eye to the corruption of his allies. He continues to blame the past administrations of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Ferdinand Marcos' regime for the present problems of the country when he's supposed to give solutions. This man is an "inutil" (useless) president and the biggest hypocrite of the country.

Mayor Duterte even exposed the corruption in the media. For so many years, we trusted the media to expose corruption in government agencies. This past election proved the media to be as biased as the corrupt officials themselves. It's all about business. I only trust CNN now.

Comparing the present administration to the next.

I am not a die hard fan of Duterte but I saw the opportunity of changing the country the way Davao was changed. I voted for him not because of his probinsyano lifestyle, his simplicity or charisma among people, but based on the outcome of his leadership in Davao.

He's not going to be perfect, but at least he isn't going to be "inutil" like Noynoy Aquino.

The Aquino administration was too tolerant of corruption and crime. Common people think that they can bend the rules. Kahit ano pwede. Kahit saan pwede tumawid. Kahit saan pwede tumira. Kahit saan pwede magtapon ng basura. (Anything is possible. Cross anywhere on the street. Build a house anywhere. Throw your garbage anywhere you like.) You can do anything! No one will stop you. Criminals are not afraid of the law. They even made lavish hotel suites in the New Bilibid Prison for the rich drug lords and murderers, and the Secretary of Justice Leila de Lima can't do anything about it. It sickens me that De Lima even made it to the Senate. **Quadruple face palms**

The Duterte administration is going to face a lot of opposition for overhauling the government. Right now the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) are protesting against the death of criminals!

See the news here: CBCP disturbed by rising vigilantism

I am more disturbed at how misplaced the concern of the CBCP is. I feel more for the victims than the criminals. We need justice. We need to show these criminals that they will not survive, that there is no after-life in the New Bilibid. They need to FEAR the government.

Change is scarier than I thought.

As much as I commend the next president for bringing change and causing all these criminals to surrender or be apprehended, killed, I fear that the government agencies are only riding the bandwagon of justice to comply. Then, like what naturally happens to presidents, a traitor will soon rise to destroy his legacy. {Ehem. Trillanes.}

I'm afraid I might not be ready for the revived character of discipline, that some freedom might be lost for discipline's sake. The uncertainty if the next president's promises will be fulfilled in time... That corruption will prevail in government agencies and it can't be cured... This is where my votes took me.

I am not giving Mayor Rody Duterte a hundred percent of my trust just yet, but my confidence in him is significantly higher than all the candidates and members of the ENTIRE Liberal Party combined with the Department of Justice, the CHR, and groups that sympathize with the Liberal Party.

May God have mercy on the Philippines.

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