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SONA with Less Embroidery

The State of the Nation Address or SONA is a President's tool to announce his vision for the country. The way fashion designers see it, the event is a means to promote Philippine culture through fashion. The way we, the public, see it - the country's version of "The Oscar's"

Presenting Mrs. Congresswoman wearing your tax money!
A round of applause for this fashion moment!

"The traditional grand red carpet fashion show by members of Congress and their spouses attending the President’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) will be discarded to shift focus from ostentatious appearance to substantive governance." - CNN Philippines

I have nothing against fashion. I have nothing against expressing our culture through fashion. I think there will be more opportunities to do that and it's high time that the focus of the SONA returns to the SONA itself.

I've lost appetite watching former President Aquino's SONA's. 
He flaunted his accomplishments but with a degree of exaggeration. He kept blaming the past administration for the government's shortcomings. He's insensitivity to the issue of the SAF 44 death and increasing poverty shows through his speeches. The hypocrisy is sickening.

The red carpet show did it's job covering up the Aquino administration's blunders, but not too effective to distract us from the still rampant corruption.

I love seeing Heart Evangelista flaunting her modern terno because I know she can afford it, but seeing Senators' and Congressmen's wives doing so... I feel suspicious about how they funded their outfits.

Isn't it alarming how far apart the social classes in the Philippines are? The rich continue to enrich themselves. The poor resort to illegal means to get out of poverty. For the last decade, people who used to identify themselves within the middle class now see themselves as poor.

What are you telling the masses by flaunting those gowns? Only the rich can wear Philippine culture. Sad.

It reminds me of a Panem's Capitol. The imbalance in our society is too obvious and unhealthy.

The role of fashion during SONA - CNN Philippines (READ HERE)
The new dress code is not going to be the death of Philippine fashion. Our designers will continue designing for the next SONA. It's just a different challenge for them. Our fashion will survive. Our culture will survive.

For the first time, I can honestly say that I look forward to hearing the SONA.
In less than a month, a lot has changed. This is a product of both political will and the cooperation of the citizens, whether through fear or respect. A lot of critics have been silenced by these changes, a feat that the past administration have not accomplished in its first month in office.

"Why am I here? Hindi kasali ito diyan. The past tense was, I am here because I love my country and I love the people of the Philippines. I am here, why? Because I am ready to start my work for the nation." - President Rodrigo Duterte

FULL TEXT: Inaugural address of President Rodrigo Duterte - CNN Philippines (READ HERE)

With the fashion show put aside, we can finally watch the SONA in its entirety, without any distractions. I lived through five administrations and never felt this kind of anticipation for the SONA. Now I know how the AlDub fans felt watching Kalyeserye in the Philippine Arena without commercial breaks! 

I still want my own terno though... and a formal event to wear it to.

Hintayin ko nalang mag-ninang ako sa kasal. Hahahah! Gosh...
[ Two more decades and I can wear one to someone's wedding... as a sponsor. ]

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