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How To Dig Your Own Grave (Following the Example of Senator Leila de Lima)


Leila de Lima, former secretary of the Department of Justice now neophyte senator of the Philippines, has been receiving a lot of criticism because of her opposition to the "War on Drugs." With the vast majority of the Filipino people urging her to resign, she seeks the pity of the international community, discrediting the President and the Philippine Government in the process.

Senator De Lima is one of the many examples of people who need index cards to keep track of their lies. Here's how to acquire the spite of the Filipino people:


When the President exposed De Lima's affair with her driver/bodyguard, I was thinking, "What's the point bringing this up? That's her personal life. It's none of our concern." As a lady, I would not want people looking into my family and personal relationships, even if I'm working in the government.

The sin of being unfaithful stems to more sins. I've seen this in many people. You need money to sustain your family. You need WAY MORE money to keep a mistress (or a boy toy) happy. It's not always about love. Needs (and wants) have to be supplied, which brings us to our next point.

Duterte: De Lima affair with driver 'gave rise' to NBP corruption - CNN PHILIPPINES


We live in an age where it's normal to be corrupt. Even the Sangguniang Kabataan (Council for the youth), a group under the Baranggay Government, can be corrupted. Corruption can also arise inside the church! Unthinkable? It happened to us...
"Corruption is a form of dishonest or unethical conduct by a person entrusted with a position of authority, often to acquire personal benefit." - Wikipedia
Personal benefits include a mansion for De Lima's driver/bodyguard/lover, couture outfits for Senate hearings, etc.

Aguirre: De Lima got ₱88.5M in drug money - CNN PHILIPPINES


Corruption opens doors to connections you wouldn't have if you were honest.

If Senator De Lima was an honest public servant, the Bilibid Prison would not have shabu laboratories and lavish condo units for the drug lords. If she did her job as Secretary of Justice, victims of drug users and pushers would have received justice by now. But instead of doing her job, she became protector of the criminals she swore to eradicate.

Her lover/bodyguard/driver was identified as the courier of drug money sent to her as payment.

Not only is she connected to the drug lords, she also aligned herself with the Liberal Party, sided with the oligarchs who want to maintain control of Philippine politics.


I'm not the only one who believes she cheated the 2016 elections to be a Senator. I think most of the drug money she received went to rigging the elections. Smart move, Leila!

Many people distrust her now. A politician thrives on public image and trust. This has already left her. With a lot of her negligence and corruption exposed, it's only a matter of time to her downfall. It doesn't help that she's always trying to explain herself in press conferences. The more she engages the public, the more the public realize her contradictory statements. She looks pathetic.

While waiting for her timely judgment, let's all...
inside the National Bilibid Prison


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