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Switching From Your Maiden Name to Your Married Name | PRC ID Renewal

For female professionals, there's an option to change or retain the maiden name. When a Filipina marries, it's customary to switch to the husband's last name. Lately, I found out that there's an option for married female professionals to only change the civil status and retain their maiden name.

image from PIXABAY
Why would a female professional keep using her maiden name?
  1. Her clientele and industry partners know her by her original surname.
  2. To avoid having to apply for new bank accounts in her new name.
  3. To further establish herself in the industry through her birth name, instead of building a reputation for her new name.

I asked my husband if he would allow me to keep my maiden name. It wasn't an issue for him if I choose whether to change my surname or not. I explained that our future children will automatically take upon his surname. I guess that was enough for him.

It was only this morning on my trip to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Central Office in Manila that I decided to take upon my husband's surname. I will still use my maiden surname, just hyphenate it with the new one (which will make my whole name even longer).

Commuting to the PRC Central Office:

If you're from ParaƱaque City, take the UV Express van to Lawton.
From Lawton, take a jeepney to Morayta or UST. Some jeepneys have PRC written on their signboards. 
Avoid going on a Friday, especially the first Friday of the month. The Quiapo church is crowded every Friday and expect traffic to be slow.

If you're from EDSA-Pasay City you may ride the jeepneys from Taft Avenue to PRC.

You may also take the train. Ride the LRT-1 from EDSA station to Central Terminal.
From Central Terminal, walk to Lawton and ride the jeepney to PRC.

Here's a map of the area.

I should have left earlier. I planned to leave the house at 7:00 AM but I left an hour later because I was enjoying breakfast. Around 8:00 AM I was able to ride a van to Lawton (UV Express). I had to ask jeepney drivers if they are going to PRC. Last time I went to the area was three years ago when I first renewed my license. Thank God, I didn't get lost!

My entire commute took two hours. The areas near Coastal Mall and parts of Roxas Boulevard vehicular traffic is very slow. I don't commute everyday so I'm not as pissed as the other passengers. Fortunately the van has good air-conditioning and it's not too hot outside.

I am still not brave enough to put my phone out to take photos of the Morayta Area.

Requirements for renewing your professional license:
  • black ballpen
  • passport-size photo with white background and name tag. Bring at least 2 pieces.
  • updated IAPOA certificate (if you are an architect)
  • marriage contract (if you are going to change your civil status and your name)
  • your PRC ID that is about to expire (or in my case, expired months ago)
  • glue (Actually, jars of glue are already provided. If you're particular about the type of glue, feel free to bring your own.)
  • Cash for the processing fees.
Make sure that you have every document photocopied. They will request to look at the original documents but they will keep the copies for recording purposes.

old professional ID with my "nene" picture

my latest "misis" pic

There are photocopying and rush photo services just outside the PRC office. There are also very tempting food stalls.

The process isn't hard to follow if you are willing to ask questions. The PRC staff are very straightforward in giving instructions. Also, there are signages everywhere. Even the forms have instructions printed on them.

The process of PRC ID renewal and change of name as I remember:
  1. Fill up the renewal form. Paste your ID picture on the box provided on the form.
  2. (If you are changing your civil status to Married) Go to the 2nd floor of the main building and request a form for changing your civil status. Fill up that form. Paste your ID pic on it as well.
  3. Have the "Change of Status" form notarized. Show your Marriage Certificate as proof. There's a Notary Public on the 2nd floor of the main building for your convenience.
  4. Don't forget to attach a documentary stamp on your "Change of Status" form. You can get it at a booth near the Exit Gate.
  5. Proceed to the ground floor to Window 27 and submit your form and requirements. [ So I passed 2 accomplished forms, a copy of our Marriage Contract, a photocopy of my old ID, and a photocopy of my IAPOA certificate. ]
  6. Wait for your name to be called to Window 31. It took me 30 minutes of waiting, more or less. [ I played one level of bomberman and a round of Air Traffic. ]
  7. They will return your accomplished forms and other documents which you will bring to the cashier as you pay the fees. [ While waiting in line, I met two ladies who were sent by their respective OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) relatives who happen to be nurses. ]
  8. claim stub for your new ID will be issued. [ I was informed that my new ID will be available after two months. ]
  9. After paying, go to the records section of the PRC which is in the 5th floor of the Annex Building to submit your documents.
If you are not changing your civil status, skip steps 2, 3, 4, and 9.

ID claim stub

Cost of Renewal of PRC ID and change of name:
  • documentary stamp - P 25.00
  • notarization of form - P 50.00
  • renewal fee - P 450.00
  • surcharge - P 30.00
  • penalty for late renewal = P 225.00
It will cost a lot less if you renew your ID within the month of its expiration. Lesson learned.

Continuing Professional Development/Education (CPD/CPE):

This will most probably be implemented next year. Professionals will be required to gather CPD/CPE points in order to renew their licenses. CPD points are given through courses and seminars. There are other means to acquire these points but I am yet to discover them. I will be posting about this subject as soon as I have more reliable information.

See the guidelines here.

If you have questions regarding your PRC ID Renewal, check PRC's website at or call their hotlines 310 0026 or 310 1047.

Additional Tips:
  • Call the PRC hotline before going to the Central Office. Ask how much the fees will cost and how long they will process your renewal.
  • Know the weather forecast for the day of your trip.
  • Leave the house early, preferably before 7:00 AM. Expect traffic in Manila.
  • Always bring water.
  • Be patient.

I hope this article was able to be of help!


  1. so it's fine even if i choose my surname?

    1. Yes. There's an option to change the status from Single to Married without changing the surname.

  2. Hello! I'm planning to do my renewal online. Ask ko lang sana if kailangan parin ba ang notarized change of status if I chose to retain my maiden surname?

    Thank you!

    1. Hello! Sorry hindi ko pa kasi na-try mag-renew online pero na check ko yung website. Nakita ko lang yung renewal form. Hindi ko nakita yung para sa "change of name or status" for married professionals. I suggest you renew your license personally kung mag-change ka ng status mo to married tapos dalhin mo yung certified true copy ng marriage contract.

    2. It's better to call the PRC branch nearest to you just to be sure. God bless :)

  3. hello! i'm planning to renew my about to expire license and at the same time, change my registered name. as you did this simultaneously (passed petition/change of status and renewal forms in one window), to know that i fully understood, i'd like to clarify that in the renewal form, i'll tick the change of name and write my married name as last name (same goes with the petition form except on "registered name")? thanks a lot! :)

    1. Yes. Make sure to indicate that you're changing your surname. You can write your new last name in the following registration. :) I hope I remember it correctly. It's been two years since I wrote this article.

  4. Hi! Did you change all your id's into maiden name with hyphen? Or solely in PRC id only. I already use my husband surname but I want to retain my maiden name in my PRC.

    1. Actually I haven't changed all my ID's, just my PRC. I voted yesterday and my maiden name was still listed. :P *hehehehe* We need to update all our ID's just to avoid confusion in the future.

  5. Hello mam.. After Ilang months po bago makuha ang pinachange name na license?

    1. Matagal kasi nag-file ako ng November 2016 tapos February 2017 ko na nakuha. Mga 2 months ang inabot. Hindi ko sure ngayon kung gaano katagal ang aabutin lalo at implemented na ang CPD Law... Pero kung gusto ipa-rush pwede naman. Kaya ata nila ma-produce within the week. May additional fee nga lang.

  6. Hi!

    I read ur article. My license is newr to expire.
    Im married but i want to maintain my maiden first name and maiden surname..

    Is it okay?

    I just want to change my status?


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