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DSWD vs. OVP | When is Help Genuine?

DSWD's infographic regarding the relief goods for those affected by Typhoon Nina.
I'm sure that the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), headed by Secretary Judy Taguiwalo, is doing its job. How did I know? I was in DSWD National Relief Operations Center (NROC) just last week. I volunteered in packing the family food packs. The Secretary was on site most of the time but the social workers assisted us.

Before we got to the repacking of the goods, we had an orientation. What struck me is this statement. "Nandito tayo kasi gusto natin tumulong. Nasa puso natin dapat ang pagiging volunteer." [We are here to help. When we volunteer, it must be of a whole heart that we do.]

I don't care if the Vice President wants her own batch of relief goods for her constituents in Naga, Bicol Region. It doesn't matter how and where she coordinates this activity, whether within the country or abroad. How did I know she's doing this? I looked at her 'tweets'.

The difference between the DSWD Secretary and the Vice President - PRESENCE. I'll let you judge if presence is of high importance or not.

What's important is that those who suffered Typhoon Nina will accept help. That's it.

What bothers me is her previous statement about PRESENCE.

What happened to "It is important for people to SEE government officials before, during and right after disaster." ???

Okay. Contradict yourself. Fine. You are no longer a congresswoman, maybe you do not need to be present anymore. I'm letting this issue go.

But then there's this issue of STEALING relief goods and repacking them again...

Dalawa po ang istilong ginagawa:1. Dun sa mga barriomay ibang mga DsWD relief ang irerepak tapos ang sasabihin na rason sa mga andun ay para raw maparami. Isusupot nila ito sa kulay dilaw at pagdating nung tao, sasabihing galing sa OvP.2. Dun sa mga pangunahing municipalidad at sa Naga City. Dahil alam nilang may oragons for Duterte.Hindi sila nagrerepak ng DSwD relief. Naga City relief lang ang narerepak nila.pero ito yung pasimpleng stratehiya. Pagbigay sa tao, may instruction sa mga nagbibigay na palabasing efforts ito ng OVP. 

English Translation:
They are doing two things:
  1. In the barrios (towns) - Some of the relief goods from the DSWD are taken out of the original packaging, then repacked again into yellow plastic bags. They say the repacking is so they can add more relief goods. They distribute these repacked goods and say they're from the OVP (Office of the Vice President).
  2. In main municipalities and Naga City, they know that "Oragons for Duterte" are present. They no longer repack those from the DSWD. Instead, they came up of Naga City Relief. When they distribute the packs, they say it's because of the VP's efforts.

WHAT'S WITH ALL THE CREDIT GRABBING? Can't you just help without amateur campaigning? Can't these local officials in Bicol just distribute the goods that DSWD provided beforehand and then add more goods depending on their constituents' needs? Why did the plastic bags had to be yellow??? 

The Vice President and the Local Government have NO DIRECT COMMAND of the Philippine Army. My guess is that the army was there to deliver the goods from the DSWD.

When I went to the DSWD NROC last week, the primary volunteers are from the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). In cases such as Typhoon Nina, they enlisted civilian volunteers to help the primary volunteers.

Start watching from 8:52

Sec. Taguiwalo denied that the Office of the Vice President coordinated with the DSWD. The DSWD has already sent relief goods prior to the landfall of Typhoon Nina. They gave the relief goods to the local government of the cities and municipalities that will be affected. More relief goods followed after the disaster hit.

If there are lapses in distributing these goods, you have your LGU's accountable for them. And if politics is in play then the distribution will take longer. Poor Bicolanos.

As long as they receive the goods... But then the Vice President makes this statement, and I, as someone who volunteered to pack relief goods, am OFFENDED by this. 😠😠😠

CNN Ph | Robredo returns from U.S.; Says relief ops in Typhoon Nina-hit areas 'slow' 

Madam Vice President, 

This isn't the time to be throwing criticism especially if you did little to help. Virtual presence is not enough. Press release is not enough. Taking credit for the work of other people??? The Filipino is tired of politics! Why do you keep doing your job the TRAPO way? That mentality does not fit this administration anymore.

You're the VICE PRESIDENT! You hold the second highest position in this country. Try to keep up!!!

I encourage everyone who is physically able to volunteer at the DSWD NROC. Don't just tweet or post sentiments on social media. If you are able, take time to volunteer. It's the least we can do for those who were hit by the Typhoon. Call them and ask if they still need civilian volunteers. If they still do, GO THERE!

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