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RSVP + Philippine Culture = ?

RSVP is short for "Respondez, s'il vous plait."
Translated from French to English, it means "Please respond."

How does it work?

You simply have to confirm your attendance on or before a set date prior to the event. You should also inform the celebrator if you are uncertain of attending or won't make it to the event. 

How should a guest respond?

Most invitations include a response card which will be returned to the sender. Some invitations have contact numbers printed on them. The guest may send his response to the said contact number. If he is meeting the celebrator frequently, either they are neighbors or workmates, he may personally respond to the invitation.

Why is a response important?

The celebrator needs to know the final count of guests so he can inform the management of the venue, set seating arrangements, and inform the caterer.

Is it necessary for a guest to provide more details than the response itself?

Usually, the guest needs to inform the celebrator of his full name and contact numbers - his full name for the guest list and his contact number for reminders or in case changes regarding the event should arise. Also, if the guest wishes to bring an SO (Significant Other) or a Plus One, he must inform the celebrator.

Now that we've set the parameters of how RSVP works, let's see how it works (or NOT) in Philippine weddings.

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