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DSWD vs. OVP | When is Help Genuine?

DSWD's infographic regarding the relief goods for those affected by Typhoon Nina.
I'm sure that the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), headed by Secretary Judy Taguiwalo, is doing its job. How did I know? I was in DSWD National Relief Operations Center (NROC) just last week. I volunteered in packing the family food packs. The Secretary was on site most of the time but the social workers assisted us.

Christmas 2016 | Noche Buena in the Hospital

We finished decorating the church auditorium around 4PM in the afternoon of Christmas Eve. We went back to the store so our cashier can go home just in time for Noche Buena.

Christmas 2016 | Old School Promotion Work

It's a Filipino tradition wherein families stay up late to feast in the midnight of December 25. It's a big deal for us Pinoys to put out the best celebration-worthy meal for our families. You can say it's the local equivalent of Thanksgiving here in the Philippines.

image from PIXABAY

Christmas 2016 | Old School Promotion Work

First Christmas as husband and wife. 

We're further away from tradition this year because of certain circumstances - December 25 falling on a Sunday, and Tatay spending Christmas in the hospital. Not the most ideal holiday ambiance, but we're thankful nonetheless. We are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, not the traditions.

We used a steam iron to "erase" wrinkles in the cloth.
We spent Christmas Eve decorating our church auditorium.

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