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The Sound of Sirens

Gawaing TRAPO: Premature Campaigning in Pasay City

Pinoy definition for non-Pinoys

  • an abbreviation for TRAditional POliticians - corrupt government officials who employ various tactics to persuade the common people to vote for them over and over again.
  • also a Tagalog word for rag or a cloth you use for cleaning, a dirty rag

Around 5:00 PM yesterday, I was working in my room, I heard sound systems being set up in our neighbors' (I'm pertaining to the next street at the back of our house. My bedroom window is facing their lot.) We got used to them having parties late at night, especially on holidays. I immediately thought, "May videoke na naman sa kabila." [They're going to have a karaoke party again.] 

I went downstairs to do some chores. At around 6:00 PM, the party had begun. I wasn't bothered at all because I planned to sleep downstairs anyway. My parents and my brother will be going to the cemetery later that night; so if they're going to sing all night I wouldn't hear them as much as when I'm in my room.

Soon enough, we realized that they weren't having a party but a political campaign program of some sort; or maybe it was just a birthday celebration with high profile politicians as guests. (I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt and not jumping into conclusions just yet.)  I went upstairs again to investigate. This is what I heard.

In Character

We (the single men and ladies of the church) were assigned to have presentation about faith and faithfulness. All the groups were assigned to prepare a presentation each to be featured every Sunday of September.

The week before our presentation, the married men and ladies did a song number followed by a presentation looking through our church's history as well as her future. There was candle-lighting and giving away candies while encouraging one another.

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We all know how trending AlDub is. Our presentation's director is a huge AlDub fan. Instantly, we had the themes AlDub and "running the race" incorporated into the skit. 

I'm aware of this AlDub pairing. I've watched them in youtube. I'm not fanatic, but I sure am entertained. I think Wally Bayola redeemed himself from the past controversy by being Lola Nidora. Good job, Wally!

For a month, I've been contemplating I whether to post this or not. I'm not a person who is afraid to look ugly or foolish. I'm comfortable with wacky poses, but this is a step further than wacky. My mission is to be Lola Nidora for a night. Quite a challenge.

Don't get me wrong. This is not my Halloween costume. I don't even celebrate Halloween.

8 Kilograms of Cuteness A Day

Having dogs for the past six years significantly lessened our household stress index. The only time we get stressed because of them is whenever we need to take them to the vet for vaccination shots, much more when they're sick. Most days, having them roam around the house, play or take naps is a joy to watch. I benefit the most because I work from home most of the time.

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