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About Kye

Who I Am

Hello! I'm Kye, a pilgrim here on Earth. I am in my thirties, happily married to my hubby since February 2016, and we're furparents to a lovely black chihuahua named Xena.

What is this blog about?

This blog is basically about my personal experiences: my feelings and thoughts, the movies I watch, the food I eat, what I firmly believe in.

When I started blogging, I was only writing an online journal. Writing here has helped me cope with the grief of losing my three angel babies, Robyn, Jellybean and Thirdy. In a year, my blog has evolved from a simple outlet of personal expression to something that can possibly help other women who have similar experiences.

When I'm not blogging I am...

You might find it hard to believe but I am an architect. I got my license in 2010. I decided to pursue a private practice the year after that. Now I work at home mostly; that's when I'm not out for meetings or site visits. See some of my works at KCT Felix Architecture.

I also do commissioned artworks and costume designs but now my main focus is on graphic design. In 2016 I started Creations by Sleepwalk Trail, a brand for my mini planners.

My posts originate from a dot on Earth called...

Pasay City in Metro Manila, Philippines. We live in a typical urban Filipino neighborhood in an apartment building along a noisy street. Children play in the streets. Commodities like fruits, vegetables, yakult, barbeque, doormats, basically everything is sold by peddlers. Cafeterias and bakeries are accessible. We have some noisy neighbors. It's not a posh community but I like it that way.

My principles and ideals

I am a Bible Baptist. I wouldn't call myself religious, but I can tell you that I am actively participating in church activities. As for my personal spirituality, I work on it every day and try my best to be consistent with my faith. I believe that being a Christian is not a religion but a relationship with God, and like any relationship, it needs a lot of time, effort and constant communication to stay close.

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