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2015 in Perspective

The holidays, and 2015 have been good to us, just as God has intended.

In the beginning of 2016, I have a design project and several other project opportunities, Roy and I are preparing for our wedding, and our church is continuing to move forward. God is definitely healing us from all the pains of 2015, and guiding us to a better 2016.

2016 will be the year when everything changes. This fact is finally sinking in.

God's Goodness in 2015

view from the balcony

Who would have thought what happened to our church would be a blessing in disguise? Yes, we burned bridges, but we also built new ones. It was painful to experience a church being split, but God has restored His church and is continuing to do so.

It is not worth holding on to the identity of a 'religious' sect that worships the 'pastor' more than the Lord and Savior of our souls. It is not worth holding on to 'properties' and 'facilities' that are substandard, costly to operate and maintain, and even faulty in design. It is not worth holding on to 'leaders' who choose to manipulate members for their personal gain, over their duty of upholding and teaching the truth of God's Word. Hindi nakakapanghinayang. [Not worth the regret.]

God has given us everything we need to function as a church. In 2015 God demonstrated His faithfulness and overwhelming power. We are free!

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