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Life on Earth Log 007 | Fun Holiday Plans Postponed Again

Our plans this week include general cleanup and putting up some Christmas decor. It's late, I know, but the store looks a bit boring without them. We might attract more customers when we make the store look festive for the holidays. It's been really busy and this week is our last chance to decorate. Which reminds me, we need to decorate the church building as well, not in the common holiday fashion, but to promote Thanksgiving Day on December 24.

On top of all these we still need to keep the business running and I currently have a design project. The good thing is I can freely schedule all these tasks.

All plans have been settled, all schedules set. We just have to make them happen.

This morning, I received one text that changed everything we had planned.

Life on Earth Log 006 | Momentum

I just realized I haven't written anything for November...

Am I that busy? Maybe.
Am I procrastinating? Not really.

I think it has more to do with not being able to focus on a task; not being able to gain momentum.

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