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Life on Earth Log 006 | Momentum

I just realized I haven't written anything for November...

Am I that busy? Maybe.
Am I procrastinating? Not really.

I think it has more to do with not being able to focus on a task; not being able to gain momentum.

Multitasking is important in making sure you accomplish more things in a limited time. Most days, multitasking is beneficial but my current project needs the opposite - focus. 

I am working on a design for a residence. At the same time, my husband and I need to continue running businesses. With the holidays approaching, there is a greater demand for vacuum-sealed rice to be given away as gifts or raffle items. We are reselling several other items, taking advantage of the holiday season. We are also part of several holiday events. We spread ourselves so thinly on these tasks, it makes me consider a long vacation (without any means of communication) somewhere far away next year.

One of my regrets is that I wasn't able to work on the 2018 mini planners. 😶 Until now, I'm still considering printing a few copies. As soon as I submit the initial design for my architecture work, I can work on the covers of the mini planners. The inside pages are done already. I hope there will still be time to produce them. 

Let me describe the current working environment.
  • the dryer's loud alarm
  • street basketball games
  • babies crying
  • ambient neighborhood sounds
  • Xena barking at almost every toddler passing by our apartment unit
  • dirty dishes on the sink begging to be washed
  • inconsiderate birthday celebrators and their equally inconsiderate guests
  • smokers in the hallway
  • "Ate... pa-laundry."
  • lame early caroling


My current architecture project is one that had been archived last year. I wasn't expecting it to turn up but it's a welcome blessing. As soon as the holiday season is over, I can work on it with a faster pace and give it the concentration it deserves. 😤

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