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Another Year, Another Home : The Insidious Apartment B

We've been living in Apartment B for more than a month now. It was quite an adjustment but not as difficult as moving from my in-laws to Apartment A.

There's enough space for a bed and a cabinet, and nothing more. It's really basic. At least there's more privacy. Three days were spent just moving our things and cleaning the two units. We managed to fit all our clothes in one cabinet, drawers and an open clothes rack. There's also a loft meant for a single bed that we turned into a storage area. There's a small kitchen but I don't think we could manage to cook in it. The toilet is larger here than in Apartment A. The floor has ceramic tiles, a much better finish than in Apartment A.

This is the size of a housing unit within Metro Manila for the budget of 5000 PHP (about 100 USD) monthly. Electricity and water bills are not yet included. If you think this is small, google how apartments in Hong Kong look like.

This is how Apartment B looks like if your soul were to hover above the unit. *creepy thought*
(This image is made through SketchUp.)

Another Year, Another Home : The Sinister Apartment A

After spending two weeks in our transition home which is hubby's parents' house, we moved to an apartment space. For the next year or so, we call it home. Let's call it Apartment A.

Apartment A used to look like this. All apartment units are in this color.

There's a limit on the changes you can make in a rented space. We had the walls painted white, replaced the light bulbs with LED and removed the vinyl tiles covering the floor. The previous floor tiles were warped and had some spaces in between them that gathered dirt. We planned to put floor tiles but we realized it's too much to spend on a place we don't own.

Happenings sa Pinas | Marawi Siege with Bonus Politics

First of all, I am no journalist. I'm not a political analyst. I'm just a regular Filipino citizen just reacting to news. I have my own political leanings which may or may not be the same to whoever happens to stumble upon my blog and social media posts.

"You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" - Water

I was complaining about how slow the new washing machine operates. It was Monday night and I had to catch up with laundry. It was a rather tall pile of whites. I thought about trying the "soak" program and see how it works. The timer showed 1 hour and 30 minutes. The machine started washing at 7 PM and finished at 10 PM. Maybe the timer is paused whenever it lets water in, but I didn't expect it to take that long! I was getting grumpy just waiting for it to finish.

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