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Another Year, Another Home : The Sinister Apartment A

After spending two weeks in our transition home which is hubby's parents' house, we moved to an apartment space. For the next year or so, we call it home. Let's call it Apartment A.

Apartment A used to look like this. All apartment units are in this color.

There's a limit on the changes you can make in a rented space. We had the walls painted white, replaced the light bulbs with LED and removed the vinyl tiles covering the floor. The previous floor tiles were warped and had some spaces in between them that gathered dirt. We planned to put floor tiles but we realized it's too much to spend on a place we don't own.

Apartment A is a studio unit that used to be part of the building owner's original house. It's bigger than the other units, actually twice as large. One disadvantage is it shares the toilet with the commercial unit we rented. Privacy was an issue until I got used to the usual interruptions whenever the store personnel needs to use the restroom. One more thing, the surface of kitchen counter is so high I had step up a stool whenever I'm cooking. When the rainy season came we nudged our bed to avoid leaks.

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I spent most of my time here. It's not #officegoals but I got a lot of work done in this corner. I'm happy with the way it turned out.

Living in Apartment A introduced us to actual problems that needed real solutions. First problem was the absence of internet!!! *Just kidding!* Future problems our parents only scolded us about were suddenly happening before our eyes. Pest control is real. Noisy and inconsiderate neighbors are real. Windows and water closets do not magically clean themselves. It is necessary to sweep the floor. You will regret wasting food. There's such thing as monthly bills...

When I was single and had my own room I never really cared about home economics. I would do a general cleaning once a month then watch the stuff and dirt pile up again. I would cook whenever I feel like it, which is not often. I was just not the housewife type.

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For a year, this apartment unit became my domain. I went from being burara [untidy, messy] to being borderline neat freak. Not only do I have to clean up after myself, but also after my husband. I started taking pride in a shiny kitchen sink and a successfully cooked nilagang baka or adobo. With each passing day, I was becoming more like my mother. Finally all the things she told me made sense.

But there's something else in this space that do not make sense...


What made this apartment sinister?

There's an eerie presence by the toilet door just beside our washing machine. Xena would often bark looking towards that direction. She barks at nothing, it turns out, but whenever she barks at 'nothing' she's always facing the toilet door. Creepy right?

Apartment A has bad feng shui (really bad feng shui). I didn't want to believe it until I had two miscarriages.

There's nowhere else to place the bed except right across the bathroom. We were facing the bathroom door when we sleep. It wasn't a big deal at first because we didn't believe in feng shui. It was just the practical placement of the bed. We always kept the bathroom door closed to avoid "draining" the energy. We thought that was enough.

Right after my first miscarriage, we decided to make some changes in the furniture placement. Since we cannot move the bed, we faced the opposite way. We placed the clothesline between the bed and the bathroom wall to provide some sort of separation from bad vibes.

Another miscarriage. Only after that did I understand the concept of "poison arrows." We've been sleeping under a beam the whole time we were in Apartment A. A poison arrow is any sharp corner pointing to your body while you're sleeping. The beam's negative energy weighs down on us and cuts us in half while sleeping.


Absolutely ridiculous! I am still a skeptic. There's no way bad feng shui has such drastic effect. What happened to me and my babies must be caused by a complex number of factors most of them pertaining to my health. We are not going to attribute these events to superstition.

Lately, we found out the previous building caretaker used to live in Apartment A until his last night on Earth. *goosebumps* What killed him? Bangungot. [Nightmare.] He never woke up from it.

That's it! We're moving!


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