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"You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" - Water

I was complaining about how slow the new washing machine operates. It was Monday night and I had to catch up with laundry. It was a rather tall pile of whites. I thought about trying the "soak" program and see how it works. The timer showed 1 hour and 30 minutes. The machine started washing at 7 PM and finished at 10 PM. Maybe the timer is paused whenever it lets water in, but I didn't expect it to take that long! I was getting grumpy just waiting for it to finish.

The next day, we had a surprise water interruption. I realized it was a good thing I did laundry the night before. God is good! The problem is, we don't have enough water stored for showering or  even washing the dishes. Tiis. [Suffer.]

Image from MAYNILAD

What caused the interruption was the emergency repairs at a nearby pumping station. People, especially those who had office jobs, were furious over the incident. It didn't affect me as much because I work at home. Still, ang hirap magtrabaho nang malagkit. [It's difficult to work while feeling really gross.] What makes the situation unbearable is the highly humid weather and warm temperature ranging from 32 deg. to 35 deg!

I feel really bad for my husband because he lifts sacks of rice everyday and it's necessary for him to shower. I feel bad for store customers who had to smell us, but they probably didn't shower too so... everything's fine. Everybody pretend you don't have noses.


How we survived? Face towels and wet wipes!
How they survived? Pretended they don't have noses! hahahaha!

It's annoying having water service interruptions but there's little we can do about it. With Maynilad doing repairs almost everywhere, interruptions like this can happen anytime. We can't expect them to make announcements for emergencies. We just have to be prepared.

What we could have done differently: have a large water container/drum.
If you're renting, it's common to have a water drum just in case there's a water shortage within your apartment building - like when renters flush at the same time or do laundry at the same time. There was one time we decided to store water in the washing machine to prepare for a water service interruption (one that was announced three days before.) 

It was 8 PM when Maynilad brought the water service back. We had to keep the water running until it turns from brown to yellow to clear. We're as happy as this little turtle!


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