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Surviving the Student Life + Back to School OOTD

How can a student survive a stressful year?

That's a really tough question. To be honest, there were times I thought I would not finish my college course. There were times student life was so hard, I found myself just crying over the drafting table and thinking of quitting. I'm glad I didn't give up.

Student life can be overwhelming, especially college. I survived and graduated in 2008. It was a hell of a challenge but I finished my course. Here's how you can survive too.

I'm not talking about "Bahala na si Batman" kind of faith. If the only time you pray is before the finals, that's not faith. 

You'll have to work extremely hard to achieve more in school but never forget to be dependent upon God. Don't rely on yourself for everything. Don't skip going to church because you lack sleep the night before. Learn to fully trust God. Serve Him while you're a student and it will not be difficult to serve Him while you are already working.

Feeling burnt out? Stop for a while. Take a deep breath. Say a prayer. Believe me. It makes stress more bearable. 

It's in school that we learn to manage our time and resources. Wrong management results to problems which result to stress. To avoid stress, set the right priorities and plan ahead.

Have you heard of the saying, "When you fail to plan, you plan to fail."? This is actually true. We tend to put off assignments and projects then cram when the deadline is near. Having a schedule of tasks will help you avoid cramming and stressing before the deadline.

Whenever you're torn between watching your favorite K-drama and doing a project, remind yourself of what your priorities are. K-drama is life, but studying is lifer! *Sorry for the intentional wrong grammar LOL!* Same goes for social media!

In studying, and life in general, attitude is everything! How you respond to stress makes a ripple effect of the outcome.

There will be times you won't feel like doing any assignments on a weekend. There will be group mates who will not cooperate or even participate in a group work. There will be super strict teachers. You'll find out that your crush likes someone else. How will you respond to the stress?

Being positive is key. We cannot control what's happening but we can choose how to respond. Patience, humility, and gratitude are best taught by difficult situations like these.

It's easy to get carried away by the momentum when you're doing a certain school project. Don't forget to take a break. Eat a snack. Have time to sleep. If all-nighters can't be avoided, at least take vitamins or supplements.

How can you finish your studies when you're sick most of the time? You may be the most brilliant student in class, but your mind needs to be backed up by a strong healthy body that can withstand stress. You can't let sickness ruin your dreams!

I'm not saying you should take an ridiculous amount of time just to dress up for school. You're going to school, not the runway.

Every school has guidelines on proper attire so make sure to follow them at all times.

What should a student consider when it comes to a school outfit? Comfort and function are of utmost importance. Invest in good quality items with timeless style. They will last longer than most of the trendy clothing items in the market today. You can be busy without sacrificing your personal style.

This image is made through Polyvore.

If I were to go back to school today this is what I would wear.
  • A bun or a ponytail is so easy to do for girls.
  • You can pair a knee-length denim skirt with any shirt or blouse.
  • A jacket is a must for rainy days because, contrary to popular belief, college students are NOT WATERPROOF.
  • Spare your feet from the pain of heels. Wear flats. You'll do a lot of walking around the campus.
  • Small bags look great but are impractical. I'd still bring a backpack.

This is my version of an effortless and simple back-to-school OOTD.

I learned this late in life: Don't forget to moisturize before you head out the house. You'll thank yourself for having a skincare regimen before you hit your twenties.

This was my math workbook in college.

This was during an induction ceremony of the United Architects of the Philippines ParaƱaque-Palanyag Chapter.

Looking back at my life as a student, I'm thankful realizing that everything I experienced in school was part of God's plan. Finishing my studies was just the start of many challenges in life. Every difficulty I faced made me strong enough for the next one.

Whenever you're stressed in school, remember my advice;
and don't you ever think of quitting!

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