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A Chill First Trimester

It's an all familiar plot in Filipino dramas. When the leading lady starts vomiting, and her mother finds out, the audience automatically assumes that she is pregnant. All drama hell breaks loose.

Leading Lady: (Nauseated; pukes on the kitchen sink)
Mother: (Sees daughter puking; instantly goes beast mode) Buntis ka?!?! Sinasabi ko na nga ba eh! Nakakahiya ka! Malandi! Haliparot! 
Leading Lady: Mahal ko po siya, Nay... 
Mother: Anong mahal mahal?!? Ni hindi pa tayo nakakaahon sa hirap nagagawa mo pang maglandi?! Lumayas ka sa pamamahay ko! 
Next Scene: Mother drives daughter out of the house, throws her an empty bag and some of her clothes.

My pregnancy is not as exciting and dramatic as other women's pregnancy.

I'm Sure This Isn't Just Bloat

Estimated between 9 to 11 weeks pregnant now and I'm still in shock.
image from PIXABAY

When I found out, I was on the fifth or seventh week.

My husband and I never thought I would conceive this early in our marriage.
He's diabetic. I have long and irregular cycle. My age is at the end of the calendar.

Until I found out...

A Non-Catholic's Opinion on Oratio Imperata

image from PIXABAY

No. I'm not Catholic, but as a Filipino citizen, I have an opinion.

By the way, I'm a Bible Baptist.

Since we won't agree on faith and beliefs, I'll try my best to express my opinions in the most secular way possible.

Oratio Imperata has already been implemented in Catholic churches in Metro Manila, and other municipalities in the country. It's a specific prayer for the government recited during the mass. I'm basing this information from the news.

I think you'll agree

  • The government NEEDS prayers.
  • Prayers work wonders if you have faith.

Implementation of Oratio Imperata: A Political Move?

Change: Happening Too Soon?

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte just is days away from his oath-taking yet black propaganda is so eager to bring him down. It was during the campaign season that we realized an imbalance in our long trusted media outlets.

His supporters' rallies were not seen on TV. Instead, we saw anti-Duterte advertisements aired on major TV networks.

Take a look at what how allergic certain people/groups are to change.

Remember the exploited children used in this video?
Shame on you TV Networks!


Finally! DSL Connection!!!

I totally forgot we were waiting for this for three months since we applied. One day, the PLDT guys showed up and decided to grant us our magical internet connection. 

We waited THREE MONTHS to get connected.

MONTHS... @-)

Wow. What a test of patience.

Now I'm catching up on Grimm and occasionally, youtube.

Good thing is we survived on prepaid internet while waiting for dsl. It wasn't so bad living without being updated all the time. I still don't mind not having television, but a reliable internet connection is kind of a big deal...

Especially when I had this moment weeks ago

Yup. I guess modern pregnant women need internet because my most recent google search keywords are
"_________ (insert food/drink/beauty product/item) safe for pregnant"

So I guess, Thank you PLDT! O:)

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