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A Non-Catholic's Opinion on Oratio Imperata

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No. I'm not Catholic, but as a Filipino citizen, I have an opinion.

By the way, I'm a Bible Baptist.

Since we won't agree on faith and beliefs, I'll try my best to express my opinions in the most secular way possible.

Oratio Imperata has already been implemented in Catholic churches in Metro Manila, and other municipalities in the country. It's a specific prayer for the government recited during the mass. I'm basing this information from the news.

I think you'll agree

  • The government NEEDS prayers.
  • Prayers work wonders if you have faith.

Implementation of Oratio Imperata: A Political Move?

Why didn't they implement the 'Oratio Imperata' during President Noynoy Aquino's Term?

If there's anyone in dire need of prayers it's P-Noy. He may look 'decent' and 'proper' but his performance within six years... **face palm ten times** We needed miracles within those six years he 'served' the country. Seriously. Just remember the SAF44.

I remember P-Noy consulted Catholic leaders before he decided to run for president. How did they see P-Noy then? Did he come to them like some 'political messiah'? Or worse: Did they actually urge him to run?!?! What a failure.

And when P-Noy failed over and over what did they do? They were not as vocal then as they are now. And President Duterte hasn't even taken his oath yet!

Did they implement it to bring the next President of the Philippines to a guilt trip?

The bishops are very vocal in advocating the human rights of criminals who were allegedly 'killed' after their arrest. They are against vigilantism, they say. What makes me suspicious about it is the timing of the order. It's as if they are pitting the Filipino people against the new government.

They keep using the term 'oppose the culture of death' pertaining to vigilantism they say is inspired by the incoming government. This offends us criminal-haters!

Are they getting back at the incoming President for exposing immorality and corruption within the Catholic church?

The bank investments made while the poor continue to suffer. Where is your charity?
One bishop even demanded requested a pricey service vehicle from then President Arroyo for his birthday. This reminds me of certain fallen pastors (who also call themselves 'Bishop'). **evil grin**

Is the Catholic church struggling to keep their influence in the Philippine government?

There is no denying how influential the religious leaders are in the Philippines, especially the CBCP. The new President refuses to yield to them which makes them less relevant.

Looking at our history, the Spanish conquerors integrated the government and the church. That relationship between the church and state still strongly exists, that's until the new President said, "I don't believe in religion." This statement obviously shook the CBCP.

Going back to the exploited children in the Anti-Duterte campaign, and the Liberal Party bending COMELEC Rules... I didn't hear anything from the CBCP. That's so strange.

How some Catholics take it

The Philippines is predominantly Roman Catholic. Reading the comments, there's a good chance that a majority of them belong to Roman Catholics. Most comments regarding the statements of the CBCP today are not good. It seems there's an awakening and raised awareness in the society. The bishops are no longer 'untouchable' and more people are beginning to question the CBCP.

Some were even furious about how the bishops condemn the 'killing' of arrested drug pushers and users, rapists and murders, pleading to the government to give second chances to these bastards. **my forehead is now flat from face-palming all day.**

My Opinion

What I express in my blog are purely personal opinions. I do not mean to offend members and leaders of the Catholic church.

I do agree that we need to pray for our country, not because it's mandatory or commanded by our church leaders, but because it's our responsibility as citizens. We are all free to practice our faith as long as it doesn't cross the boundaries of the law. By the way, our law is also patterned on our ancestors' beliefs. Most of the time, the laws of God and the laws of men do not conflict. MOST OF THE TIME.

I just hope that I'm wrong and this move is not part of any political scheme.
I just love to question events, don't I?

There's corruption in some Baptist churches too, but that's for another blog post.

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