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For The Love of the Soundtrack

Whether the soundtrack is a collection of ambient noise, a cool playlist, an original composition, or a recurring melody that is close to deafening silence, a movie is never complete without music. The movies I find most memorable are those with a good soundtrack. I often forget the plot, but never the music, and all the feels.

Joe Hisaishi's music is one of the reasons I love Studio Ghibli movies. 

I managed to find one of his concerts in youtube. Set the volume on high and enjoy watching/listening!

Who Are You, Really?

I liked being her friend.

I never saw her frown.
She always smiles at me.
She always says the nicest things.
She is such an encouragement.
Her laugh is contagious.
She is industrious and dedicated.
She is deeply concerned with my welfare.

I admired a man who was almost always cheerful, bright and positive.

He always has that glow in his face that seems to be coming from the inside.
He walks like he has springs on his feet.
He sings most enthusiastically.
He speaks loud and proud.
He is a motivator.
He is fun to be with.
He could do no wrong to anyone.

I used to dream of becoming like her.

She is smart and feisty.
She is never afraid to speak her mind.
She is honest to the point of being vulnerable.
She is not a stereotype.

I respected and followed a man who was the perfect leader.

He is proud when he needs to be.
He is a principled man.
He sacrifices for the cause he believes in.
He is charismatic.
He is witty and funny and honest.
He can be moody and intense, but that's only because he is human.
He is not afraid to show his emotions.
He remains strong for the people who follow him.

How I wish my thoughts of them were right. 

Muffin's Purpose In Life

I now conclude that Muffin's sole purpose in life is to reproduce cuteness!

There was a time when Muffin was just Okoy's annoying playmate. She would take all this chew toys, his beef, his plastic golf balls... Muffin was just a nuisance to Okoy. Muffin was Okoy's unwanted companion, a destroyer of his peace.

But Mother bought her for one specific reason: not to be Okoy's playmate but to breed more chihuahuas.

So, do you want to breed dogs?

MOVIE REVIEW | The Cat Returns

Just a dog person reviewing a movie about cats

I am such a huge Ghibli Studio fan (and anime movies in general!)

Just this morning, I watched "The Cat Returns". About a minute in the movie, one of our dogs, Gray, paid me a visit. Imagine his panic when he heard about a hundred cats meowing around. He felt so uncomfortable he decided to leave. Poor dog.

Free Image from Pixabay

{ Spoiler Alert! }

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