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Life on Earth Log 004 | Volunteer Teachers

Tuesday is teacher's day. That's how it has been since September.

My husband and I are also volunteer teachers for Values Instruction Class. By the way, teaching values doesn't make any of us perfect. We just happened to be available and able to teach kids. Every values lesson becomes a mirror wherein we see our own spiritual situation before we can teach others. Aside from the kids learning from these lessons, we learn as well. 

On our way to class! Please excuse my sans make-up face.

I didn't expect my husband to sign up to teach grade school because he claims he has "little patience for children." I think he's having fun teaching he just won't admit it. 


I published the facebook page last night. Orders came in this morning. 

I feel both blessed and overwhelmed. 😊

It's a blessing to practice my passion which is DESIGN - thinking and putting those ideas out! This time those ideas are in a form of a 4" x 5" mini planner. Making mini planners is not without its challenges, but it's a badly needed escape from the technicalities and seriousness of the architecture profession. I mean it when I say I enjoy making them.

Switching From Your Maiden Name to Your Married Name | PRC ID Renewal

For female professionals, there's an option to change or retain the maiden name. When a Filipina marries, it's customary to switch to the husband's last name. Lately, I found out that there's an option for married female professionals to only change the civil status and retain their maiden name.

image from PIXABAY
Why would a female professional keep using her maiden name?
  1. Her clientele and industry partners know her by her original surname.
  2. To avoid having to apply for new bank accounts in her new name.
  3. To further establish herself in the industry through her birth name, instead of building a reputation for her new name.

I asked my husband if he would allow me to keep my maiden name. It wasn't an issue for him if I choose whether to change my surname or not. I explained that our future children will automatically take upon his surname. I guess that was enough for him.

It was only this morning on my trip to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Central Office in Manila that I decided to take upon my husband's surname. I will still use my maiden surname, just hyphenate it with the new one (which will make my whole name even longer).

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