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I published the facebook page last night. Orders came in this morning. 

I feel both blessed and overwhelmed. 😊

It's a blessing to practice my passion which is DESIGN - thinking and putting those ideas out! This time those ideas are in a form of a 4" x 5" mini planner. Making mini planners is not without its challenges, but it's a badly needed escape from the technicalities and seriousness of the architecture profession. I mean it when I say I enjoy making them.

I feel overwhelmed when I realized how that the market for mini planners is still big despite the prevalence of planning applications in cellphones and other gadgets. "'Tis the season of giveaways" they say. I'm grabbing the opportunity to put my designs out. It's going to be a busy November.

First cover design featuring Okoy the chihuahua!

Originally, we weren't going to put this design out on the market. It was intended for a sample. When we saw how people reacted to him, we decided to share his cuteness!

This is how the mini planner looks in the inside! It's simple. 😊

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But then there are these extra pages... 💗

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They may be simple but they're not simple to make. It's a lot of work from designing to printing to cutting - A LOT OF CUTTING! When you're a one-woman-production-line, it's hard work; but I truly enjoy making these mini planners! I love how people react to the designs.

Fulfillment is priceless!

Please do check out
for more mini planner designs! 

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