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MOVIE REVIEW | Dennis the Menace

"Mr. Wilson!!!"

"Dennis the Menace" is one of those movies my brothers and I like watching over and over again. It's a comedy about an overly active mischevious young boy and a grumpy and impatient old man in his senior age. The comedy is mainly based on how Dennis inflicts pain to older people - literal pain.



Poor Joey.
If these two end up together, they'll have a whole new movie about battered husbands.
This movie scores major nostalgia points. Dennis first arrives into the scenes in his overalls, riding his bicycle which is pulling a red metal cart which has a tail of noisy tin cans. The kids play hide and seek in the street. They build treehouses and forts in the nearby forest.

This kid has never touched a single gadget since birth.
It's refreshing to not see kids playing with computers and gadgets. I thought, "This is typical 90's childhood." I couldn't help but feel proud of that era.

I do feel bad seeing Mr. Wilson physically hurt and mentally annoyed. Imagine if all that happened to old man in the movie happened to another old man in real life. That old man in real life will be spending half of the plot in a hospital. I can understand why he's so grumpy.

Moral lesson: Never let ANYONE tie you up!
The robber got what he deserved, I almost felt bad for him. He thought taking Dennis as a hostage will be an advantage for him. He was so wrong!

There's actually a love triangle in this film. *giggles*
In the end, Mr. Wilson always gets hurt.


This movie is really funny. I'm just wondering how kids of today will respond to the lack of technology in this film. I'm sure my batch mates from the 90's will love it. I was seven when this movie was released and watching it today brought a lot of memories.

The soundtrack has a comical feel to it; very reminiscent of the 90's movies.

He waited 40 years just to see a flower bloom.
I admire how they shot the film without (or maybe with little) computer effects. I wonder how they shot the scene of the flower opening and then wilting in a matter of seconds. Does that kind of flower actually exist?


Fellow 90's kids! It's time to see this movie again!

Kids of today, you should watch this too, see what we were like back then.

I hope this doesn't happen in this decade anymore.

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