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Finding the Perfect Home at Property 24

I have three basic needs: Food, shelter and... Wifi!

Not kidding about the wifi... but let's talk about shelter.

I lived in Pasay City within Metro Manila my whole life. I have seen some places within Luzon island but only stayed for only a week or less. I would love to explore the Philippines; all 7,107 islands of it, if God will allow.

The perfect shelter, for me, has to be a place where I can totally be myself. It must embody both comfort and adventure, and a little bit of whimsy. I want my ideal home (homes) to be my piece of paradise on Earth.

In finding the best properties, here are my major considerations:

  1. LOCATION. If possible, the property must be near the airport, or seaport or ferry station for greater accessibility and convenient travel. 
  2. PRIVACY. I prefer properties that are not too close to the hustle and bustle of the city. If the property is outside Metro Manila, it must have a sense of seclusion from the outside world.
  3. OPPORTUNITY FOR BUSINESS. I give plus points to properties that pay their own bills. By this I mean: farms that can grow fruit, properties that can be rented out, and the like.

Here are the top 5 properties I spotted in Property24!

Resort Living in Pansol, Laguna

view from the street
Price: ₱ 22,500,000
Lot Area: 500 sqm
Floor Area: 479 sqm

What I like with this property is its proximity to Metro Manila and ability to be rented. It would be a great getaway for the my family (even the extended family and friends). Buying a private resort has always been a family dream.

A three-meter lap pool with warm natural spring water
Aside from the lap pool, the property has a kiddie pool, whirlpool bath and all other amenities for recreation and relaxation. It is also complete with dining and kitchen facilities.

It has six rooms, each having its own toilet and bath,
which can fit more or less 30 people.
It has function halls in the ground and second floors. It also has parking space for 6 cars.

See the details here.

Private Beach in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Imagine waking up to this view: a long stretch of white sand meeting the sea.
Price: ₱ 6,937,200
Lot Area: 7,708 sqm

It's not as accessible as the other properties but I like the seclusion it provides. I imagine waking up facing the beach, then relaxing while watching the sunset.

My father is Ilocano. This is one of the main reasons I want to have a property in the Ilocos region.

Since only the lot is listed, I'm excited to build my own structure in it. I'm envisioning villas facing the sea, an infinity pool, and a boat dock for my yacht. (I am daydreaming again and there's nothing wrong with that.)

A Hideaway in Tago Island, Iloilo

I would like to buy this island. Why not?
Price: ₱ 600,000,000
587.29 ha

While my father's kin originated from Ilocandia, my mother is from Iloilo. This is why I chose a property in Iloilo.

When I saw this listing, I remembered my dream of owning an island and living the life of a haciendera.

It's a farm land that is home to a coconut plantation, wild cows, wild goats and wild ducks. I love all the wildness! 

Aside from the farm land, it has a beach front and nearby scuba diving area in Tago Reef. There are two existing buildings in the island but I am excited to build new facilities for my future guests!

Escape to Talicud Island, Davao

view from the sea
Price: ₱ 3,500,000
Area: 2,540 sqm

Having properties in Luzon and Visayas, it's time to set eyes on Mindanao. This beachfront property is near Samal Island and Davao City, as the two are accessible by boat.

It seems like a rustic island that is yet to be developed. What I like about it is the possibility of having a tranquil rest house for month-long vacations in the South. The listing tells of a peaceful community in Talicud Island, so it must be great to grow old here.

Condo Living in Pasay City

Price: ₱ 6,578,000
Area: 78 sqm

Ideally, I would choose a house and lot, but that is difficult to come by in Metro Manila. Limited space is definitely the greatest challenge in a condo property but I believe that space can be maximized to benefit the homeowners.

I chose the three-bedroom end unit with balconies. I see the possibility of changing one room into an office, and the other into a boutique-style walk-in-closet, or a man-cave for my future husband. (I will win this argument. Just kidding! We'll find a compromise.)

In the listing, the advertisement says it's "selling like hot cakes." If that's the case, then this property may be good investment.

It is accessible to the airport, that I give it major plus points. It is near Bonifacio Global City, Makati, and SLEX, among other commercial and business districts.

The amenities include landscaped gardens, an atrium, and a sky park. Pets are allowed in the area. My future hubby and I, our kids (at present, imaginary children), and our chihuahuas would love to live here.

Imagine living in a condo in Pasay for business in Metro Manila, then spending weekends in a resort in Pansol. In summer, or holidays, we can choose between the beaches in Pagudpud, Iloilo, or Davao. This is my definition of being at home in the Philippine Islands!

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