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MOVIE REVIEW | Womb (Clone)

Where do I start reviewing this film?

First, Eva Green is stunning, as always; and in this movie, ageless?!?!?!?

She's about twenty in this scene. Looks pretty much the same until the end of the movie.

As romantic as the first few scenes are, this is not your typical love story.


Womb (originally titled "Clone")
is about the taboo subject of cloning, making copies of people.


Rebecca and Tommy are childhood sweethearts friends living in a coastal town. Rebecca had to go overseas to live with her mother, only to come back after so many years as an adult.

The casting agency did a really great job in finding these kids.

She searches for Tommy as soon as she gets back. Tommy immediately accommodates her and takes her to his latest protest event. They're going to unleash mayhem in a restaurant by releasing cockroaches as a diversion, a cue for the Tommy's group's protest.

That look of shock you have when you realize
that your boyfriend  "not-yet-boyfriend" died just because you badly need to pee...
And just like that, her childhood love and "not-yet-boyfriend" is dead.

Sweetest note ever written. 
So Rebecca decides to clone Tommy and raise him as her own child. It is unclear what her reasons were. I can only assume. What follows are the repercussions of her choice to clone Tommy.

Pesky wildling for revealing to the other moms that second Tommy is a copy!
When the second Tommy grew up to the age the first one was when he died, that's when everything became complicated for them both.

And if that isn't enough, Second Tommy just had to take home another wildling for his girlfriend.
You know nothing Tommy.
The hardest scene to watch must be when Rebecca had to tell second Tommy that he is a clone.

She brought him back to the world and gave him a second chance at life. Now he's going to leave her because of it.


Magnificent setting. The coastal town and the remoteness of it fits the scenes perfectly. It's a cold lonely town where everybody knows everybody. The music is minimal and at times eerie, but never creepy.

Some scenes were uncomfortable to watch. With some of the scenes Rebecca was with second Tommy, she looks either jealous or predatory. It also doesn't help that Rebecca doesn't seem to age. She just changed haircut and wardrobe throughout the movie. She's supposed to be in her late thirties to early forties in the last third of the movie.

Fantastic acting by the cast especially Eva Green. Some would say she was emotionless the whole time. I say, they weren't looking at her eyes. If she acted all hysterical, it would make the scenes predictable. Matt Smith was also remarkable as Tommy. 

Aside from the recurring issue of human cloning, and technically, incest, the movie is just heartbreaking for the both main characters.


This is not a movie you would watch to be entertained. I only recommend it for people who can handle the sensitivity of the subject: definitely do not recommend it to children, teenagers, pregnant ladies, those who are currently grieving, and guys who get bored watching heavy drama.

I honestly blame the cockroaches for first Tommy's death. Wretched creatures!

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