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Kanin For the Soul | Introduction

I was hesitant to do this series mainly because of fear of how people will think of me. The general public has a habit of labeling Christians as self-righteous, hypocritical, judgmental, with a "holier-than-thou" attitude, and many more. Spiritual talk isn't appealing for those who do not believe them (unless it will make them rich.) Christianity has acquired a negative name through the years, and with my own history of mistakes and wrongdoings, I take part of the blame.

Sharing your belief doesn't make you perfect, or holy, or pious in any way. I know some people who share verses and quote their pastors in a regular basis, but those proclamations do not necessarily match their way of life. When you share a quote whether it's from the Bible or a famous person, whether you like it or not, people will associate what you posted with your current life situation.

You cannot separate your online status to your real status.
You can't hashtag your way into righteousness, you have to live it...

but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe "walking the talk" isn't 'in' anymore.

I am NOT A BIBLE SCHOLAR of any sort.
I am just another believer who wants to share what she believes. 

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