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Whether like taking selfies or taking pictures of everybody else, Oppo F1s Selfie Expert is the phone for you!

Here's why I think it's going to be your next selfie buddy.

Excuse My Nose

I just want to paint the tip of my nose for no good reason.

Ladies, you must be familiar with nose pore strips or creams that remove whiteheads and blackheads. Since the world is fixated in looking pretty, products like these are invented, and constantly improved and reinvented depending on the target market.

How To Dig Your Own Grave (Following the Example of Senator Leila de Lima)


Leila de Lima, former secretary of the Department of Justice now neophyte senator of the Philippines, has been receiving a lot of criticism because of her opposition to the "War on Drugs." With the vast majority of the Filipino people urging her to resign, she seeks the pity of the international community, discrediting the President and the Philippine Government in the process.

Senator De Lima is one of the many examples of people who need index cards to keep track of their lies. Here's how to acquire the spite of the Filipino people:

EXAMINE THE LESSON | Christian Life is NOT a Game of Chess

We've been taught that for God to move, we must move first. He then counteracts our move. His move will always be better than our moves. Therefore, to release His best moves, we should move better. The better we move, the better God moves.

Bottomline: He will never move unless we do.

This illustration is misleading!

By comparing Christian life to a chess game we think:
"If I serve really well, God will reward me well."
"If I give a lot of money to offerings, God will multiply the money that's left."
"If I pray really hard for something, God will answer it for sure."

Chess works this way. The players take turns. No move, no counter.
How it looks like: the believer challenges God to make a move.

First of all, I am not a Bible scholar. I am just posting my personal insight on the subject. Your opinions insights, and corrections are welcome. Just leave a comment, but please read the whole article before you do.

Life on Earth Log 003

A Birthday, A Values Class and A Music Class
- what I've been up to the past two weeks of blogger inactivity.

We suspended our diet again thanks to Nanay Maxima's 70th birthday bash in Bulacan, which also gave us the opportunity to celebrate for Nanay Elena's birthday. Around 30 people from our church came.

Fellowship started as soon as we meet. Kwentuhan sa sasakyan. (Chatting during the travel.) We could not avoid talking about the tragedy of how our church was divided, but people are just laughing about the issue. There's a sense of security knowing that God allowed it to happen, and He knows what will happen next. Right now, we're just happy and blessed in each other's company.

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