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Life on Earth Log 003

A Birthday, A Values Class and A Music Class
- what I've been up to the past two weeks of blogger inactivity.

We suspended our diet again thanks to Nanay Maxima's 70th birthday bash in Bulacan, which also gave us the opportunity to celebrate for Nanay Elena's birthday. Around 30 people from our church came.

Fellowship started as soon as we meet. Kwentuhan sa sasakyan. (Chatting during the travel.) We could not avoid talking about the tragedy of how our church was divided, but people are just laughing about the issue. There's a sense of security knowing that God allowed it to happen, and He knows what will happen next. Right now, we're just happy and blessed in each other's company.

Nanay Maxima lives with her children and grandkids in a subdivision in Malolos, Bulacan. It seems like a safe community because the houses are not fenced. Nothing beats Filipino hospitality. We felt right at home. 

It must be a great blessing to reach this age, watch your children and grandchildren grow up, and remember God's goodness through the years. Nanay Elena and Nanay Maxima are now enjoying God's blessings and I believe that they are fulfilled. It makes me dream about growing old, having a house far from the city, hosting weekend cookouts and just enjoying the fellowship.

The following week was exciting because we're scheduled to teach Values Instruction Class (VIC) in an elementary school in Makati City. I was assigned to Grade 2 students. I've taught VIC twice before but in Grade 10. It's quite an adjustment teaching younger kids this time.

It's a one-building public elementary school in Makati. I like that there are plants in the hallways. 

The teachers were very accommodating. Some school administrations do not allow outsiders to teach values fearing that they will recruit and convert the students. I believe the goal of the VIC is to further supplement the values classes of the school with lessons from the Bible.

My fear is that we wouldn't be able to connect with the students and they'll either ignore us or distract each other. What happened was like the ideal setting any teacher hopes for. They are attentive and they participate in the discussion. Our first VIC class was a success!

A photo posted by Kye Felix-Pajela (@sleepwalkingscarlet) on

That evening we have our "Fundamentals of Music" Class. It would be impractical to go home during the break so I went to my parent's house for a visit.

Taken in Vehnee Saturno's studio in 2014 when we were recording music for our church's 30th anniversary

I remember coming late in the first session. We were asked why we love music. I said I learned to sing before I learned to talk. Since then music has stuck to me whether I like it or not. I realized that I don't love singing as much as my husband and any other people do. I'm just born with this voice but sometimes I don't know what to do with it. Honestly, there are moments that when I sing I am overcome with pride. That I'm guilty of. Every time I sing I have to remind myself where the talent came from and who I offer the songs to.

What I learned so far:
Talent is not enough.
Motive is more important than the performance.
We improve to glorify God in our talents and abilities.

We have more church activities lined up this month. I'm looking forward to our 2nd VIC session next week and the next Music class two weeks from now; which reminds me of the assignments and the exams. Wow! Who would have thought I'll be a student again at 30?

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