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EXAMINE THE LESSON | Christian Life is NOT a Game of Chess

We've been taught that for God to move, we must move first. He then counteracts our move. His move will always be better than our moves. Therefore, to release His best moves, we should move better. The better we move, the better God moves.

Bottomline: He will never move unless we do.

This illustration is misleading!

By comparing Christian life to a chess game we think:
"If I serve really well, God will reward me well."
"If I give a lot of money to offerings, God will multiply the money that's left."
"If I pray really hard for something, God will answer it for sure."

Chess works this way. The players take turns. No move, no counter.
How it looks like: the believer challenges God to make a move.

First of all, I am not a Bible scholar. I am just posting my personal insight on the subject. Your opinions insights, and corrections are welcome. Just leave a comment, but please read the whole article before you do.

Back to the game.

Christian life may or may not work this way.

Sure, there are promises and premises in the Bible. If you sow, you will reap. If you respect your parents, you will live long. All true.

What is wrong with this idea?

The idea of challenging God to gain favor and blessings seems like we are trying to control God. If your motive is wrong, it doesn't matter if what you do is right. Doing something to get something - what makes us different from opportunists and criminals? This is the idea that this illustration promotes.

Why I think this illustration is not applicable?

In chess, there's a time-limit to every move.

God promised Abraham children but that didn't happen until he's centennial.

God promised the Promised land to the Israelites but it took them generations to finally conquer it.

Try giving God a time limit. You'll be disappointed. God has His own timeline. You have to respect His timing.

In chess, the bishop can only move diagonally, the knight can only move in an L shape, the queen can go pretty much wherever she wants... 

Job has been faithful his whole life until God allowed trials to turn his life upside down. Job probably didn't expect that to happen and he was devastated losing his children and all that he had. But understanding that God is in control of everything, he continued to be faithful without expecting God to bless him again with more blessings.

Hannah prayed fervently for a son but she had no guarantee that her prayer will be answered.

If comment "Amen" on a photo of money, it's not a guarantee that God will bless you financially. If you share a certain verse or saying, how accurate is it that you'll receive blessings in the next 24 hours or so...

God doesn't play by our rules. He doesn't move the way we expect Him to move. He has His own way. You have to respect His ways.

Our flaw is that we expect.

We live in a time when payment is expected for every commodity or service. Favor for a favor. Nothing is free. Even friendships and partnerships practice the give-and-take principle. Relationships nowadays have so much in common with businesses, it's disturbing.

If you decided to receive Christ as your Savior, then you have received the greatest gift from God.

I don't understand why we Christians expect more.

Thank you for taking the time to read the article all throughout. My goal is not to discourage and stop you from serving in the church or giving offerings. May we have the right motive because it's the heart that God checks, not our outward actions. God bless you! Have a lovely day!

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