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Best Features of OPPO F1s

Whether like taking selfies or taking pictures of everybody else, Oppo F1s Selfie Expert is the phone for you!

Here's why I think it's going to be your next selfie buddy.

13 MP Rear Camera

It promises wonderful night shots; like when you're hanging out on your apartment balcony somewhere in Metro Manila and you decide to take a photo of the city lights outside. 


Oppo F1s' processor might just be faster than Taylor Swift moving on from Tom Hiddleston. RIP Hiddleswift. 

Dual-Sim+Individual SD Slot

Nowadays, one sim is never enough. Sometimes one memory card is not enough for your favorite photos and videos. Just imagine how many cute photos and videos of your furbaby you can save!

16 MP Front Camera

When a cellphone company puts more pixels in the front camera than in the rear camera, expect more selfies. This is why Oppo F1s is called Selfie Expert. It claims to take great pictures in low-light, night time, and even when the light source is behind those taking the selfie. It guarantees plus ganda points for you and your bes!

Selfie Panorama

I freaked out upon seeing this (out of sheer happiness)! For so long, we've been struggling to fit within the boundaries of the screen for a decent group pic. Now you won't have to push away or upstage your other friends to get noticed in a shared selfie. Hurray for groufies! 

To see more of Oppo F1s' amazing features, check out this link:

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