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Hospital Nanny Diary

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This is why nursing or medicine never appealed to me - lack of patience for a patient (oh what pun!).

Responding to Stroke | The First Few Days

This is an account of what our family experienced this week. I'm hoping our experience will provide insights to people caring for senior or near-senior family members. If your parents are already taking maintenance meds for either hypertension or diabetes, be alert for the signs of a stroke attack.

image from PIXABAY

This is the story of Tatay's first stroke attack.

My De’Longhi Christmas Wishlist

Married life has made me realize the joy of cooking.

We've always thought that we can survive in "lutong ulam" (cooked food from canteens and peddlers). It is very convenient, a little cheaper than cooking our own meals, but we always look for that "lutong bahay" (home-cooked) taste. Who wouldn't? Anyone who has ever grown up to their parents' cooking will.

Last month, I had a terrible flu. My husband cooked chicken soup for me. He could have bought ready-made soup from a canteen nearby. Cooking the soup at home took more money and time to make, but I really appreciate the gesture.

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A home-cooked meal will always taste better than a store-bought meal because of all the love that goes with cooking it!

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