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Hospital Nanny Diary

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This is why nursing or medicine never appealed to me - lack of patience for a patient (oh what pun!).

Given that being a confined is bad enough, try babysitting a demanding old man in the hospital. You may be thinking, "How can sitting beside a sick person inside a hospital room be exhausting? You're just being present and occasionally doing errands." Some people are okay with it. Some people, like me, are JUST NOT CUT OUT FOR THE JOB. That is why I have higher respect for people who do hospital duties full-time.

I am this panda.
Tatay (our dad) just had a major stroke attack last week.
It threw the whole family off balance - work postponed, meetings cancelled, pets abandoned, trying to get work done while in the hospital with poor internet connection, entertaining questions from relatives and friends, publishing periodic unofficial medical reports...

Tatay is doing better now but I'm guessing it will take longer for him to go home. Medyo pasaway. (Stubborn.) He's impatient to get well, but not completely obedient to the doctor's advice. We're really hoping that he'll be discharged soon, but at this rate, we might be spending Christmas Eve in the hospital.

Why not follow the doctor for a change???
I wonder if it's the swelling in his brain causing him to be more impatient and demanding. It's like a lot of his negative traits are enhanced. Maya-maya may inuutos. (He has an errand for his attendants every time.) Attending to his needs give us no time for even a short nap. He snaps when he doesn't get what he wants. He's had that tendency, but after the stroke it's even worse.

We're trying to understand his behavior. Maybe it's just because of the stroke and all the inconveniences he has to suffer that makes him much more despicable. Yes. Just blame stroke for everything.

Don't get me wrong. I don't completely hate my father. I know that a major health problem is bound to happen sooner or later because of his diabetes. I just wish that he had more self-control on what he eats and that he had taken all his maintenance meds on time. I wish he was more considerate of his family who have made sacrifices just to be with him in the hospital. Masakit kasi nasa hospital na nga gumagawa pa ng kalokohan. (It hurts to know that even in his condition, he manages to still be unfaithful and selfish.) He eats more than he should. He puts pressure on his right arm when he should be resting on his left. He basically does whatever he wants. If you witness your sick father talking on the phone with a mistress and flirting with nurses how would you feel?

When you get sick, your family suffers too. So start being health conscious. Start taking your health seriously for the sake of your family. Start giving your family more value because in the end they're the ones scratching your back and doing everything else you cannot do while you're on a hospital bed; not your students, not your office mates, not the people who idolize you. Those who praise your work are only going to pray for you in the comfort of their homes, or visit you at their convenience, but your family is going to be with you the whole time even when you're being a jerk.

Wake up. Go to the hospital. Be a nanny. Go home. Do chores. Sleep. Repeat.

I only have to suffer this for several days. My mother had to do it every single day since her husband was brought to the hospital. She sleeps in the hospital, pays for his medication, attends to his every need despite his horrible attitude towards her. And she forgives him every time! That is unconditional love! NANAY IS A SAINT! God bless her heart!

Will Tatay ever learn to prioritize his health and give up his sins for good? His family can only pray for patience... A lot of patience...

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