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It's Not All Kilig. What Really Makes a Relationship Last?

What are your secrets to a long lasting relationship with your loved one? I feel a bit unqualified to answer this question because it's only been a year since my husband and I tied the knot. We were engaged for less than a year, sweethearts for a few years before that, friends (who actually really like each other) since college. 
Unlike a lot of couples we're not the type who count years. We measure the relationship not by its duration but by how much it has endured; and we have endured a lot.
It's easy to fall in love. Nobody said it's going to be easy staying in love.So how do you make a relationship last?

Embrace your individual and mutual weirdness. You know you've found your true match when you can be a hundred percent yourself around that person. Things that you think will repel other people won't even bother the two of you anymore (like snoring or loud farts). As time passes by your relationship, you'll discover a side of your partner he never shows …

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