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Meeting the Parents

The Tradition

Pamamanhikan is a Filipino pre-wedding tradition dating from Spanish colonial times, if I'm not mistaken. In this tradition, the groom with his parents visit the bride's house and formally request her hand in marriage.

The word "pamamanhikan" originated from the root word "panik" meaning "to go up the stairs."

Carpio Ancestral House in Sta. Rita, Pampanga
Image Credits to Wikimedia Commons
During those times, the living spaces were placed on the second floor of the house while the ground floor serves as storage area.

Life on Earth Log 002

Our weekend so far...

I just had an unplanned retail therapy with my mother. With the Christmas season closing in, bargain centers like Divisoria and Baclaran are crowded during the remaining weekends.

Baclaran and Divisoria are bargain centers where most merchandise are sold in bulk. Divisoria's proximity to the port makes it the place where you can buy almost anything from fashion items to technology to local and imported fruits and vegetables. Baclaran is a lot smaller to Divisoria in area and has less items. It's more known for selling clothing and shoes.

Suprisingly, Baclaran has less visitors than I expected on a weekend (or less vendors because of the clearing operations) during our latest visit. It finally made sense when my brother said, "Malinis na ang Baclaran." (Baclaran is clean now.) The clearing operation was effective.

Underwear was on the top of the list. We bought panties! A lot of them! What an accomplishment! We bought some clothes that are on sale too. Where else can you buy a blouse for P60 ($1.27) a piece? Great deal!

The Search

The venue is the first and foremost thing to be considered in planning a wedding; given that you and your hubby are 100% sure to commit to one another for the rest of your lives. When you already have the date of the event, reserve a venue right away.

credits: Pixabay

Why is it so important to decide upon the location asap?

The place dictates most, if not all other aspects of the event.
  • How many guests can fit?
  • What will they wear?
  • What theme and motif suits the area?
  • Do you need an additional sound system?
  • How about additional lighting?
  • How will the place be decorated?

Our search began.

Goodbye, Neutral Hues!

By August, Roy and I had everything planned out. (We got engaged in July) We already have a theme, a motif, possible locations, and a partial guest list. We also wrote down the budget for everything plus contingencies.

It's a blessing how smoothly the planning goes. I am blessed with a fiance who gives me all the creative freedom from the styling of venue down to the smallest details of the invitations. I am enjoying it. It feels fulfilling when both of us agree with certain wedding considerations.

I took the liberty of creating a "website" just for our wedding. Technically, it's a blog, but made to appear like a website. Blogger is the platform I used. I followed Em for Marvelous' tutorial.

Coffee and candy. Bitter and Sweet.

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