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Goodbye, Neutral Hues!

By August, Roy and I had everything planned out. (We got engaged in July) We already have a theme, a motif, possible locations, and a partial guest list. We also wrote down the budget for everything plus contingencies.

It's a blessing how smoothly the planning goes. I am blessed with a fiance who gives me all the creative freedom from the styling of venue down to the smallest details of the invitations. I am enjoying it. It feels fulfilling when both of us agree with certain wedding considerations.

I took the liberty of creating a "website" just for our wedding. Technically, it's a blog, but made to appear like a website. Blogger is the platform I used. I followed Em for Marvelous' tutorial.

Coffee and candy. Bitter and Sweet.

Motif: Pink. Initially, we wanted pink and neutral shades for the motif. Why pink? Pink looks good on everyone. There are a lot of shades of pink and related colors the bridesmaids and the groomsmen can choose from. There's hot pink, magenta, fuchsia, blush, champagne, coral, rose, old rose, salmon... They'd look elegant in photos.

Theme: Coffee and Candy. Roy is diabetic while I am hypoglycemic. We're like coffee and sweets together. 

We both loved the concept. We started building ideas around the theme and the color scheme.

October is about to end but I still haven't started designing the send the dates and invitations. I felt really bad being behind our schedule. We're both busy with work we often forget that we have a wedding to plan for. Until now, NOTHING IS FINAL.

Recently, a mutual acquaintance got married and their motif was...
You've guessed it! Pink.

At first, it was annoying that we had to change our wedding theme and motif. I know we can still push the idea. There's not enough time to think of a new theme. Why not use the theme? Is the theme and motif really a big deal?

Maybe it's my pride. I've always wanted my wedding to be different. Uncommon. Unique. Quirky. Out of this world. Just different from what people expect. I want to break the stereotype.

In our original plans, we thought of the guests and the general public more than ourselves. It is OUR wedding. We cared to much about what will suit other people that we lose the elements making the two of us special - like the nerdy stuff. 

We realized that our initial ideas do not reflect who we really are as a couple. We are crazy, funny, fun people. We are a proud geeky/nerdy couple who read mangas and watch anime. We are more comedic than romantic so why settle for a safe, typical, bland, boring wedding?

Our guests just have to show up (hopefully with gifts), take pictures, dine with us, have fun, and just accept our mutual weirdness.

We're leaving the neutrals to the commoners!

Proudly nerdy wedding coming up!

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