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The Blessing of Children (part 1)

While the young people's organization of our church gathered with their guests,
we run a day care center at the back of the auditorium. :)

This video was taken months ago, back when our church was still renting a function hall inside a commercial establishment in Pasay City. People come in the morning. Many stay in the venue for lunch and siesta while waiting for the afternoon service. This has been the routine until we transferred to another place.

Paint + Piña

Photo Credits: Lubang Tourism
This colorful barong is the result of hard work and effective collaboration.

It makes me happy to see my painting turn to life and transformed into an unexpected and abstract modern barong. I never imagined venturing into menswear, but here it is!

Meeting the Parents

The Tradition

Pamamanhikan is a Filipino pre-wedding tradition dating from Spanish colonial times, if I'm not mistaken. In this tradition, the groom with his parents visit the bride's house and formally request her hand in marriage.

The word "pamamanhikan" originated from the root word "panik" meaning "to go up the stairs."

Carpio Ancestral House in Sta. Rita, Pampanga
Image Credits to Wikimedia Commons
During those times, the living spaces were placed on the second floor of the house while the ground floor serves as storage area.

Life on Earth Log 002

Our weekend so far...

I just had an unplanned retail therapy with my mother. With the Christmas season closing in, bargain centers like Divisoria and Baclaran are crowded during the remaining weekends.

Baclaran and Divisoria are bargain centers where most merchandise are sold in bulk. Divisoria's proximity to the port makes it the place where you can buy almost anything from fashion items to technology to local and imported fruits and vegetables. Baclaran is a lot smaller to Divisoria in area and has less items. It's more known for selling clothing and shoes.

Suprisingly, Baclaran has less visitors than I expected on a weekend (or less vendors because of the clearing operations) during our latest visit. It finally made sense when my brother said, "Malinis na ang Baclaran." (Baclaran is clean now.) The clearing operation was effective.

Underwear was on the top of the list. We bought panties! A lot of them! What an accomplishment! We bought some clothes that are on sale too. Where else can you buy a blouse for P60 ($1.27) a piece? Great deal!

The Search

The venue is the first and foremost thing to be considered in planning a wedding; given that you and your hubby are 100% sure to commit to one another for the rest of your lives. When you already have the date of the event, reserve a venue right away.

credits: Pixabay

Why is it so important to decide upon the location asap?

The place dictates most, if not all other aspects of the event.
  • How many guests can fit?
  • What will they wear?
  • What theme and motif suits the area?
  • Do you need an additional sound system?
  • How about additional lighting?
  • How will the place be decorated?

Our search began.

Goodbye, Neutral Hues!

By August, Roy and I had everything planned out. (We got engaged in July) We already have a theme, a motif, possible locations, and a partial guest list. We also wrote down the budget for everything plus contingencies.

It's a blessing how smoothly the planning goes. I am blessed with a fiance who gives me all the creative freedom from the styling of venue down to the smallest details of the invitations. I am enjoying it. It feels fulfilling when both of us agree with certain wedding considerations.

I took the liberty of creating a "website" just for our wedding. Technically, it's a blog, but made to appear like a website. Blogger is the platform I used. I followed Em for Marvelous' tutorial.

Coffee and candy. Bitter and Sweet.

The Sound of Sirens

Gawaing TRAPO: Premature Campaigning in Pasay City

Pinoy definition for non-Pinoys

  • an abbreviation for TRAditional POliticians - corrupt government officials who employ various tactics to persuade the common people to vote for them over and over again.
  • also a Tagalog word for rag or a cloth you use for cleaning, a dirty rag

Around 5:00 PM yesterday, I was working in my room, I heard sound systems being set up in our neighbors' (I'm pertaining to the next street at the back of our house. My bedroom window is facing their lot.) We got used to them having parties late at night, especially on holidays. I immediately thought, "May videoke na naman sa kabila." [They're going to have a karaoke party again.] 

I went downstairs to do some chores. At around 6:00 PM, the party had begun. I wasn't bothered at all because I planned to sleep downstairs anyway. My parents and my brother will be going to the cemetery later that night; so if they're going to sing all night I wouldn't hear them as much as when I'm in my room.

Soon enough, we realized that they weren't having a party but a political campaign program of some sort; or maybe it was just a birthday celebration with high profile politicians as guests. (I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt and not jumping into conclusions just yet.)  I went upstairs again to investigate. This is what I heard.

In Character

We (the single men and ladies of the church) were assigned to have presentation about faith and faithfulness. All the groups were assigned to prepare a presentation each to be featured every Sunday of September.

The week before our presentation, the married men and ladies did a song number followed by a presentation looking through our church's history as well as her future. There was candle-lighting and giving away candies while encouraging one another.

A photo posted by Kye Felix (@sleepwalkingscarlet) on

We all know how trending AlDub is. Our presentation's director is a huge AlDub fan. Instantly, we had the themes AlDub and "running the race" incorporated into the skit. 

I'm aware of this AlDub pairing. I've watched them in youtube. I'm not fanatic, but I sure am entertained. I think Wally Bayola redeemed himself from the past controversy by being Lola Nidora. Good job, Wally!

For a month, I've been contemplating I whether to post this or not. I'm not a person who is afraid to look ugly or foolish. I'm comfortable with wacky poses, but this is a step further than wacky. My mission is to be Lola Nidora for a night. Quite a challenge.

Don't get me wrong. This is not my Halloween costume. I don't even celebrate Halloween.

8 Kilograms of Cuteness A Day

Having dogs for the past six years significantly lessened our household stress index. The only time we get stressed because of them is whenever we need to take them to the vet for vaccination shots, much more when they're sick. Most days, having them roam around the house, play or take naps is a joy to watch. I benefit the most because I work from home most of the time.

A photo posted by Kye Felix (@sleepwalkingscarlet) on

MOVIE REVIEW | After Earth

There was a month when this movie was showing thrice a day in HBO but I never found time to watch it in whole.

"Why are you looking at me so weird?"

Finally, another Will and Jaden Smith movie since "Pursuit of Happyness"...



When people play god, there's a bunch of things that can go terribly wrong.

This is the classic case of science fiction: when a person or a group of people aim for the ultimate scientific goal of creating life. Examples of shows and literature with this theme are Frankenstein, Splice, AI, Fullmetal Alchemist, and one I most recently watched, Ex Machina.


Life on Earth Log 001

I know I should be working right now. I should be producing a hundred lines per minute by now. I should be able finish at least a page of line drawings right now; but here I am, writing about what I should be doing.

When you run a vehicle until it consumes every ounce of fuel, it will stop. When you use something too much, you stretch it to its breaking point. Our bodies are like that. 

I don't understand. I was fine last week.


Why can't I have books.

Why blend in when you can be unique?

"Matilda" celebrates the life of a unique but misunderstood child. Born to an undeserving family, Matilda struggled to find her significance in a world with crooked values.


Enough of Pretentiousness

I am tired of all the pretentiousness I see in facebook.

What makes a post inspiring, or at least interesting? To me, if it is true to the person who posted and speaks to the soul, it's worth my "like." Also, if it's a video of a baby, or dogs (especially chihuahuas), it deserves a like as well. 

Social media has opened the dimensions to freedom of personal expression, still a lot of us choose to put up a front. Why can't we just be true to ourselves? What's hindering us?

I noticed a lot of people posting and re-posting quotes that do not necessarily reflect who they are. Some are overly positive to the point of pretentiousness. I am most allergic to people who had to quote Bible verses that are not necessarily reflected in their lives. Some would even use the name of God in vain through these posts. Ang masakit, madaming naniniwala. {I'm afraid many believe them.}

MOVIE REVIEW | Womb (Clone)

Where do I start reviewing this film?

First, Eva Green is stunning, as always; and in this movie, ageless?!?!?!?

She's about twenty in this scene. Looks pretty much the same until the end of the movie.

As romantic as the first few scenes are, this is not your typical love story.



I woke up to "Jingle Bells" this morning. It's only September 12 and hearing these commercial seasonal songs meant for December is just annoying. I bet they (the Philippine media) already started the countdown to December 25. Yay! *sarcasm*

On the other hand, we sing Christmas songs in church but I feel differently about that.

Usually, September is a busy month for us. For so many years until her 30th, our church has been celebrating her anniversary month. Now that she has been reorganized, the schedule is less hectic for many of our members. Instead we are celebrating a series of activities focused on FAITH.

But I am still busy. With work. With the wedding. And taking the melody of "Jingle Bells" out of my head.

There's a lot of hype about December. Two of my projects need to be finished before the Christmas season. It stresses me out that both of them are still in conceptualization stage. I don't want to be late for my deadline.

Too bad humans can't hibernate. 

MOVIE REVIEW | Dennis the Menace

"Mr. Wilson!!!"

"Dennis the Menace" is one of those movies my brothers and I like watching over and over again. It's a comedy about an overly active mischevious young boy and a grumpy and impatient old man in his senior age. The comedy is mainly based on how Dennis inflicts pain to older people - literal pain.


Finding the Perfect Home at Property 24

I have three basic needs: Food, shelter and... Wifi!

Not kidding about the wifi... but let's talk about shelter.

I lived in Pasay City within Metro Manila my whole life. I have seen some places within Luzon island but only stayed for only a week or less. I would love to explore the Philippines; all 7,107 islands of it, if God will allow.

The perfect shelter, for me, has to be a place where I can totally be myself. It must embody both comfort and adventure, and a little bit of whimsy. I want my ideal home (homes) to be my piece of paradise on Earth.

In finding the best properties, here are my major considerations:

  1. LOCATION. If possible, the property must be near the airport, or seaport or ferry station for greater accessibility and convenient travel. 
  2. PRIVACY. I prefer properties that are not too close to the hustle and bustle of the city. If the property is outside Metro Manila, it must have a sense of seclusion from the outside world.
  3. OPPORTUNITY FOR BUSINESS. I give plus points to properties that pay their own bills. By this I mean: farms that can grow fruit, properties that can be rented out, and the like.

Here are the top 5 properties I spotted in Property24!

For The Love of the Soundtrack

Whether the soundtrack is a collection of ambient noise, a cool playlist, an original composition, or a recurring melody that is close to deafening silence, a movie is never complete without music. The movies I find most memorable are those with a good soundtrack. I often forget the plot, but never the music, and all the feels.

Joe Hisaishi's music is one of the reasons I love Studio Ghibli movies. 

I managed to find one of his concerts in youtube. Set the volume on high and enjoy watching/listening!

Who Are You, Really?

I liked being her friend.

I never saw her frown.
She always smiles at me.
She always says the nicest things.
She is such an encouragement.
Her laugh is contagious.
She is industrious and dedicated.
She is deeply concerned with my welfare.

I admired a man who was almost always cheerful, bright and positive.

He always has that glow in his face that seems to be coming from the inside.
He walks like he has springs on his feet.
He sings most enthusiastically.
He speaks loud and proud.
He is a motivator.
He is fun to be with.
He could do no wrong to anyone.

I used to dream of becoming like her.

She is smart and feisty.
She is never afraid to speak her mind.
She is honest to the point of being vulnerable.
She is not a stereotype.

I respected and followed a man who was the perfect leader.

He is proud when he needs to be.
He is a principled man.
He sacrifices for the cause he believes in.
He is charismatic.
He is witty and funny and honest.
He can be moody and intense, but that's only because he is human.
He is not afraid to show his emotions.
He remains strong for the people who follow him.

How I wish my thoughts of them were right. 

Muffin's Purpose In Life

I now conclude that Muffin's sole purpose in life is to reproduce cuteness!

There was a time when Muffin was just Okoy's annoying playmate. She would take all this chew toys, his beef, his plastic golf balls... Muffin was just a nuisance to Okoy. Muffin was Okoy's unwanted companion, a destroyer of his peace.

But Mother bought her for one specific reason: not to be Okoy's playmate but to breed more chihuahuas.

So, do you want to breed dogs?

MOVIE REVIEW | The Cat Returns

Just a dog person reviewing a movie about cats

I am such a huge Ghibli Studio fan (and anime movies in general!)

Just this morning, I watched "The Cat Returns". About a minute in the movie, one of our dogs, Gray, paid me a visit. Imagine his panic when he heard about a hundred cats meowing around. He felt so uncomfortable he decided to leave. Poor dog.

Free Image from Pixabay

{ Spoiler Alert! }

The Reason

Is is fate? Is it a consequence? Is it karma? Is it a lesson? Is it only an accident?

God allowed it.

We often experience things we cannot make sense off. Minsan nakakairita na kapag sinasabi ng iba, (Sometimes this phrase can be irritating,) "God allowed it because there's a reason for it." We grow impatient to know what THAT reason is. Mind-boggling.

God's understanding is different from ours. His thinking is different from ours. Different perspective. Higher than the highest aerial perspective we ever can reach... Kaya buntong-hininga na lang. (Sigh... That's all I can do.)

When you're tired of thinking, your mind can never process the sense in all the things that are out of your control, that's when you realize, "I shouldn't be thinking. I give up. I should be trusting God."

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