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The Blessing of Children (part 2)

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Why would someone leave something so precious behind?

A Trip to the Orphanage

It was my first trip to the orphanage. Our organization decided to raise funds and gather gifts for the children at St. Rita Orphanage. It was just in time for the holidays and also the celebration of the National Architecture Week for 2015.

About 8:30 AM at Jollibee, we hurried to repack the biscuits and candies in loot bags. I was really tempted to take some of the clover bits and marie cookies. Looking at all the gifts, I can see how blessed our members are taking part in this activity. The funds we collected bought supplies for the orphanage as well.

The Babies

The staff greeted us merrily as we went in. We dropped the gifts and supplies before they led us to the first room where the nursery is. The babies will come with just anyone willing to pick them up. They aren't afraid of strangers. I'm happy to be carrying a baby, at the same time I'm sad at the thought that they are not with their parents.

There's a new baby in the orphanage, a girl who is just weeks old, a foundling. "Kung pwede lang ampunin silang lahat." (If we could, we will adopt them all.) - our president said.

They are pretty. They look healthy and content. It seems that the orphanage is sufficient at the time being. Maybe it's because of the holiday season and a lot of other groups have already given gifts.

The Toddlers

We were invited downstairs where the rest of the kids are having a snack. A group from the Philippine Air Force was there at the same time as we were. It's great to know that a lot of people still care for the less fortunate.

Seeing them content and happy with their teachers and nurses broke my expectation of how kids from the institution look like. They are well-mannered children. Some of the kids have special needs but they manage to smile and get along with the other kids. The older kids help the younger ones while eating.

One little boy drank 3 zestos that time. One little girl ate one bowl of soup, a plate of spaghetti, puto and a burger. We really spoiled them that day. Minsan lang naman. (Just for today.) 


I remember Kuya Joey saying, "It's hard to imagine how their parents can leave them behind."

What would drive a mother or a father to leave a child? Poverty? Personal issues?

The irony is a lot of couples who are emotionally and financially capable to be parents struggle to have children, while a lot of incapable ones are given children. That's just how the world works and I'm afraid it will even get worse with today's culture.

Deciding to Adopt

We're open to the idea of adopting a child even when we succeed in having our own. The only condition is that we are financially stable to support the kid. The best help we can do for these children is to give them a forever home. 

**The staff reminded us to respect the privacy and keep the identity of the children, hence, the generic photos of babies and kids.**

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