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The Blessing of Children (part 1)

While the young people's organization of our church gathered with their guests,
we run a day care center at the back of the auditorium. :)

This video was taken months ago, back when our church was still renting a function hall inside a commercial establishment in Pasay City. People come in the morning. Many stay in the venue for lunch and siesta while waiting for the afternoon service. This has been the routine until we transferred to another place.


It's nice seeing families having lunch together. We often say that Sundays, aside from being the Lord's day, are family reunions. For our church, it is true. In my case, however, I've chosen Sunday as the day in every week that I will spend apart from my family (who goes home for lunch and siesta), and with my future husband.

Aside from having lunch dates and having meriendas together while discussing plans, occasionally we play the role of nannies to our church mates' babies; a practice in parenting, Roy calls it.

It makes me wonder when we are going to be blessed with kids. I would prefer a year after the marriage. That time we would know each other really really well. By then, we'll be ready to be parents.


According to several studies, the longer women wait to have kids, the riskier the pregnancy will be. The body deteriorates with age affecting its ability to reproduce. Married or single, a lady is responsible for her health and well-being. That means checking for lumps, myoma, having regular ob-gyne check-ups when we reach forty. 

What if I never conceive? What if I experience a high-risk pregnancy? What if the baby is born with health issues? What if I get pregnant and lose the baby? If I do have a successful pregnancy and the baby is born, will we be able to support him/her?

A lot of single women approaching their thirties have the same question, maybe more. 

I should have married earlier. *sigh*


We have envisioned a future but who knows if God has another plan? What if His will is different from the plans we have set?

If we're going to count all the possibilities that can happen, we'll all be paranoid. Getting married has no included guarantee of having children. I have been told that a child is a blessing, and that the husband and wife is already a family. If that's true, then we should not be worried over variables.

The only guarantee we have is our commitment to each other and our future marriage with or without children, and that is enough.

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