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For The Love of the Soundtrack

Whether the soundtrack is a collection of ambient noise, a cool playlist, an original composition, or a recurring melody that is close to deafening silence, a movie is never complete without music. The movies I find most memorable are those with a good soundtrack. I often forget the plot, but never the music, and all the feels.

Joe Hisaishi's music is one of the reasons I love Studio Ghibli movies. 

I managed to find one of his concerts in youtube. Set the volume on high and enjoy watching/listening!

I had major goosebumps at the start of "Tale of Ashitaka" and as the music progressed to the scenes where the characters were being chased.

Having the marching band there was fun to watch. The audience must not be expecting them. I used to play xylophone when I was a kid. Now I regret not being in a marching band.

The kids' song at the end of "Ponyo," is something that's refreshing to hear, (especially for someone of my age who really likes animated movies.) The music that plays all throughout the scenes under and on the ocean are grand and majestic, so hearing a children's song in the end was a departure from all that.

The melody from "Howl's Moving Castle" is my favorite so far - "The Merry-Go-Round of Life." It sounds like something you can waltz to in a fairy tale. Is it possible to walk the aisle in that melody? Because I really love it.

There's no doubt Joe Hisaishi is a genius.

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