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Muffin's Purpose In Life

I now conclude that Muffin's sole purpose in life is to reproduce cuteness!

There was a time when Muffin was just Okoy's annoying playmate. She would take all this chew toys, his beef, his plastic golf balls... Muffin was just a nuisance to Okoy. Muffin was Okoy's unwanted companion, a destroyer of his peace.

But Mother bought her for one specific reason: not to be Okoy's playmate but to breed more chihuahuas.

So, do you want to breed dogs?

Muffin's 2nd litter

Of course, we we're thrilled to have more chihuahuas. More chihuahuas, more fun! Puppy pics look good in my instagram! 

... and facebook... and twitter... tumblr... My social media accounts contribute to all the cuteness in the world.

Little did we know how grueling the process would be from healthcare to processing their documents. Yes, they have birth certificates that even look better than human birth certificates. Envy.

{ I'll be posting about how to take care of a pregnant chihuahua soon, including care after taking birth and care for the newborn puppies. }

Are you an aspiring dog breeder?

Breeding dogs is fulfilling, but consider these things:

  1. Do you really want the number of dogs you care for to multiply? Remember, you have no control over how many your female dog is going to bring into the world.
  2. Do you actually have time to take care of the dogs plus the additional puppies? You will have all-nighters. Expect that.
  3. Are you willing to spend for vaccines and medication the newborn and mom need? That is above the budget you have for your old dogs.
  4. Will you go through the trouble of registering your dogs and future puppies? You'll need money for these documentations too.
  5. Are you going to keep the puppies? Well, do you have enough room for them in your house. You'll have additional expenses for food, medicine, and replacement of things unfortunate enough to become their chew toys... ehem your slippers.
  6. Are you going to sell the puppies? This is not easy. In the end, it's always a possibility that you'll just have to give them away. Yes, for free.
  7. How will you feel letting these cuties go? {There's another post for this.} Sure was hard for me to let go of them.
Now that you've seen these considerations, you can rethink being a breeder. Being a dog owner has given me so much joy. Breeding them has rewards, but many people do not realize the drawbacks until it's too late.

Muffin is taking a selfie with me.

Muffin has given birth for the fourth time in her life. It was unplanned. (Okoy, you sneaky dog!) We decided that she's going to rest for a year or two, go back to being a regular lap dog for a while. Puppy factory is suspended until further notice.

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