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MOVIE REVIEW | The Cat Returns

Just a dog person reviewing a movie about cats

I am such a huge Ghibli Studio fan (and anime movies in general!)

Just this morning, I watched "The Cat Returns". About a minute in the movie, one of our dogs, Gray, paid me a visit. Imagine his panic when he heard about a hundred cats meowing around. He felt so uncomfortable he decided to leave. Poor dog.

Free Image from Pixabay

{ Spoiler Alert! }


The story revolves around maybe the clumsiest and least lucky girl in Japan, Haru. If you're clumsy and feel that you are unlucky in life or simply out of place, this movie is for you.

Haru saves a cat from getting hit by a truck. This cat happens to be a prince in the Cat Kingdom. You might think her luck's going to turn around for the better, but everything became way worse. So she winds up in the world of cats, even started to become a cat. She needs to escape this world and go back home where she truly belongs.


This movie has good visuals. I like the setting of the Cat Bureau the most. I like Baron's house and all his dainty tea sets.

The back story of the characters in the Cat Kingdom are revealed quite well in the end. You wouldn't really be confused of who they are or who they were.

I admire how the Cat Kingdom has actually been a part of her childhood somehow. It gives that good connection to the story in the end.

Inside the Cat Bureau


There's a lingering question in this movie, "Do I belong here?" I highly recommend this movie to teenage girls who are still trying to find out who they are. Haru finally gets her clarity in the end.

Kids can watch it too, with parental guidance (just because it's a fantasy). Overall, it's a nice family movie.

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