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8 Kilograms of Cuteness A Day

Having dogs for the past six years significantly lessened our household stress index. The only time we get stressed because of them is whenever we need to take them to the vet for vaccination shots, much more when they're sick. Most days, having them roam around the house, play or take naps is a joy to watch. I benefit the most because I work from home most of the time.

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I spotted Muffin and Graham sleeping and immediately took a picture. My mother has this splendid idea of putting Okoy inside a pail. Several shots later, we got this picture.

Dogs are so good with taking away stress. Having little dogs is the closest thing my parents can compare to having grandchildren. Believe it or not, I think taking care of a dog is a great way to train for parenthood.

  • You have to make sure their needs are provided. It means that part your salary or income (or allowance) will go to the dog food fund.
  • You have to feed them, bathe them and clean after them. (They pee and poop a lot!) Clip their nails. Get lice and ticks off their fur. (Gross.)
  • Make sure they're healthy and happy. That means vaccination for puppies and regular de-worming (purga). 

Like a true parent, you will be so attached to them, you'll feel a deeper kind of care and affection you never thought you had. Believe me. I worry when they are sick. 

I've seen how taking care of chihuahuas changed my family in a lot of ways. We've accepted these canines as part of our family. It's hard to remember the years when we weren't taking care of a dog.

As a frequent social media user, my bonus is having to post a picture of them whenever I feel a little down. 

Without them, my instagram feed is meaningless.

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