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Life on Earth Log 001

I know I should be working right now. I should be producing a hundred lines per minute by now. I should be able finish at least a page of line drawings right now; but here I am, writing about what I should be doing.

When you run a vehicle until it consumes every ounce of fuel, it will stop. When you use something too much, you stretch it to its breaking point. Our bodies are like that. 

I don't understand. I was fine last week.

I had nothing else to wear.
Prints on prints.
Nobody else can give justice to the combination.

Friday afternoon, I went to the site with Roy (ehem, my fiance and forever design partner). It was a warm humid day. It was raining really hard when we went home. I took a quick nap on the sofa by 5PM and woke up around 7PM. I almost forgot our evening appointment.

That Friday evening, we went to Tatay Eleuterio's last funeral service. (Tatay Eleuterio was one of our faithful church members. God took him home last Sunday.) Traffic in southbound Macapagal Avenue going to Cavite is nowhere near tolerable. Same can be said about the humidity at the time. We didn't make it to the funeral service, but we were able to have fellowship with the family and our brothers and sisters in the Lord. The travel home was way better, though traffic flow around Coastal Mall needs a lot of improvement. Roy dropped me off by the house at around past midnight. He got home probably an hour later.

See all the fun we had. Who would have guessed I had a period. I'm going to be a sanitary pad model!
Saturday, Roy and I went to Seres' birthday party with Auntie Evelyn and Auntie Nancy. I thought it was the best opportunity to meet the rest of his kin. The commute to our meeting place was stressful, but we took a cab going to the event venue and back to the meeting place. It was a lot of fun. There were so many kids, plenty of food, and lovely presentations to watch. I know my period will soon punish me for staying where the air conditioning was cold, but I was having a blast I forgot all about my monthly guest.

The lesson was about Ruth's life and how much she loved Naomi.
Sunday morning, Mam Sarah and I were assigned to Sunday School. We allowed some time for the kids to play freely. Some of them drew on paper. One boy, in particular, needed to exhaust his extra energy before the class starts. As soon as the service started, we formally started the class. The only break we teachers got was when the kids were doing the crafts. It was nice seeing them do their best in drawing and coloring.

I fell asleep on the couch right after class. That's when I realized how tired I was. A little nap was all I needed. We decided to grab some shawarma for lunch. I fell asleep again after eating. I woke up just to eat merienda and then fell asleep again. Following a lot of sleep were A LOT OF CRAMPS. And so the cramps when on-and-off during the afternoon service and until I got home.

I know I can be excused for feeling sick, but I chose to stay and listen to the preaching and watch the young people's presentation after that. Staying was the right choice. I'm physically unwell, BUT MY SPIRIT WAS FED, and that's even more important.

We have to forget our pains to enjoy what life has to offer. On the other hand, we must also remember our limits. After all, we're only human.

That's why I decided to make Monday my rest day. Today, I'm catching up on work but with a slower and more relaxed pace. I don't want to be more ill than I am now.

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