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MOVIE REVIEW | After Earth

There was a month when this movie was showing thrice a day in HBO but I never found time to watch it in whole.

"Why are you looking at me so weird?"

Finally, another Will and Jaden Smith movie since "Pursuit of Happyness"...


I really loved "Pursuit of Happyness" and I was hoping "After Earth" would be as amazing. 


Kitai (Jaden Smith) is the overachieving son of General Cypher Raige (Will Smith), the inventor of "ghosting" and only the most revered military commander during his time. Kitai feels pressured to live up to his father's reputation, only to fail his ranger training.

It's just a basic father-son story set in the future when the Earth is already invaded by monstrous aliens.

The hyperleech! Yikes!

 Summarizing the plot: Family drama - Space ship crash landing - Fight a monster on your own - Win - Go home.


Kitai. Where did they get his name? I don't even know how that's spelled until I googled it.

"Danger is real. Fear is a choice." This is a very good quote and it made me expect too much from this movie. It's supposed to be great but it isn't. It's a bit disappointing. Is it the lack of characters? Or the lack of depth? Both?

My feelings, going nowhere.
On the positive side, the effects are okay. The setting screams futuristic tree-hugger to me, which is a slight departure to the common futuristic we are all used to.

Humans only turned nature-conscious when they left Earth. Check out this terrarium!


"Ghosting" is a skill I want to learn to avoid dog bites. No, seriously. I need it.

It's a decent movie, in my opinion. It just lacks certain points in all aspects.

 If you expect too much, just read the sign.

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