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Why can't I have books.

Why blend in when you can be unique?

"Matilda" celebrates the life of a unique but misunderstood child. Born to an undeserving family, Matilda struggled to find her significance in a world with crooked values.



There are no high-tech gadgets in this movie!

Matilda was born a genius. She fed her hunger for knowledge by borrowing books from the library.

She wasn't supposed to be in school. In fact, her parents did not value education at all. Her father is a dishonest businessman, and her mother was totally obsessed with vanity. Fan theory: Maybe she was switched with their real baby from the hospital.

I know first day in school must be terrifying, but not when you're in Principal Trunchbull's elementary school! Terrifying is an understatement.

"I sentence you to exile for wearing pigtails to school!"

Miss Honey, their adviser, wanted her to go to college because she was way too advanced. She tried to convince her parents to send her to college, but they just didn't care.

There's a whole lot of future for the Wormwood family. Jail time sums it up.

More fun in school!
Principal Trunchbull sentences Bruce to eat a whole chocolate cake in full view of the whole academy.
The newt gets payback for sharing the water with Principal Trunchbull.
The newt gains a friend.

More fun after school!

Miss Honey invited Matilda to her perfect little cottage for afternoon biscuits and tea.
What a lovely house!
It turns out, Principal Trunchbull is also Miss Honey's Aunt Agatha!
Serious family problems.
Matilda suggested they take a sneak peak inside Miss Honey's old mansion, now home to Trunchbull since her father died.

Great idea until Trunchbull's car died and she had to push it back to the garage.
Their sneak peak of the old mansion became hide and seek with Predator Trunchbull.
How did you get up there?

More fun after bedtime.
Matilda promised never to step foot in the mansion again.
She technically didn't break her promise.

The next day in school...
Notice the sign above the chalkboard, "IF YOU ARE HAVING FUN, YOU ARE NOT LEARNING.
Totally inspiring, Miss Principal!
At long last, the students served their judgment: Corporal punishment by chalk and food fight!
It's nice to see the old mansion back to it's glory days again.
Magnus approves!


It was fun watching things flying around. Considering it was in the 90's, the effects were executed flawlessly.

The musical score when Truchbull chased Matilda and Miss Honey around the mansion is what plays in my head whenever something chases me.

Trunchbull will be in my Top 10 Villains of All Time. 

Great acting by the kids.

The chokey, the creepy school, Miss Honey's cottage, and Magnus' mansion in both past and present condition are all fascinating. 


The story may seem too fictional, or too set up for all the characters, but it's all for entertainment. The movie succeeded at that. I had so many laughs.

Matilda is one of those movies I would watch over and over again. It's a great family movie emphasizing good values. I would make my future kid/s watch it.

The best lesson came from Mr. Wormwood himself. 
Bad people deserve to be punished for what they do.
He just didn't expect the judgment to come from a child.
Karma is pure entertainment.

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