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Life on Earth Log 004 | Volunteer Teachers

Tuesday is teacher's day. That's how it has been since September.

My husband and I are also volunteer teachers for Values Instruction Class. By the way, teaching values doesn't make any of us perfect. We just happened to be available and able to teach kids. Every values lesson becomes a mirror wherein we see our own spiritual situation before we can teach others. Aside from the kids learning from these lessons, we learn as well. 

On our way to class! Please excuse my sans make-up face.

I didn't expect my husband to sign up to teach grade school because he claims he has "little patience for children." I think he's having fun teaching he just won't admit it. 

This is the Grade 4 class during storytelling.

Every grade level has its own challenge.

After assisting the teacher of the Grade 4 class, we're off to teach the Grade 2. Unlike Grade 4 students, Grade 2 kids need a more active and visual approach to lessons. Explaining the lesson and demanding them to listen just won't do. They have to play games, move, sing, and EXPERIENCE what they have to learn.

We're on our third month as volunteer teachers. I've seen changes in our students. There's one particular student, a girl, who used to be extremely reserved. Now she's participating in our activities.

A sample of our last activity

Maybe the students don't realize it yet but what we teach is something that will benefit them more than any formal education will. We are planting the seeds of God's Word into their hearts.

When we think about it, this life is only a small dot compared to an eternal life in heaven. If we are doing everything to make sure that our short lives become successful, why not do things that matter also in eternity - like making sure other people receive eternal life through Jesus Christ?

We are not just teachers but witnesses and messengers of God's love.

It's funny. Years ago I wouldn't speak this way about God and spiritual things... I was one of those teenagers who were up to no good, but God's love reached me through the teachers that He sent. I will be forever grateful to those teachers.

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