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Finally! DSL Connection!!!

I totally forgot we were waiting for this for three months since we applied. One day, the PLDT guys showed up and decided to grant us our magical internet connection. 

We waited THREE MONTHS to get connected.

MONTHS... @-)

Wow. What a test of patience.

Now I'm catching up on Grimm and occasionally, youtube.

Good thing is we survived on prepaid internet while waiting for dsl. It wasn't so bad living without being updated all the time. I still don't mind not having television, but a reliable internet connection is kind of a big deal...

Especially when I had this moment weeks ago

Yup. I guess modern pregnant women need internet because my most recent google search keywords are
"_________ (insert food/drink/beauty product/item) safe for pregnant"

So I guess, Thank you PLDT! O:)

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