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A Chill First Trimester

It's an all familiar plot in Filipino dramas. When the leading lady starts vomiting, and her mother finds out, the audience automatically assumes that she is pregnant. All drama hell breaks loose.

Leading Lady: (Nauseated; pukes on the kitchen sink)
Mother: (Sees daughter puking; instantly goes beast mode) Buntis ka?!?! Sinasabi ko na nga ba eh! Nakakahiya ka! Malandi! Haliparot! 
Leading Lady: Mahal ko po siya, Nay... 
Mother: Anong mahal mahal?!? Ni hindi pa tayo nakakaahon sa hirap nagagawa mo pang maglandi?! Lumayas ka sa pamamahay ko! 
Next Scene: Mother drives daughter out of the house, throws her an empty bag and some of her clothes.

My pregnancy is not as exciting and dramatic as other women's pregnancy.

Sorry if this grossed you out.

Not that I have to hide my pregnancy to avoid my parents' wrath... They have been hinting and pressuring me to give them grandchildren. It's about time.

The only symptoms I am experiencing:

Epic Slothfulness
I feel like a bear getting ready for hibernation. I'm always sleepy. I get tired simply from chewing food. It's ridiculous!

Thankfully, not pica! I've been craving salty and savory food, and ice cream. I still love pizza and burgers. Chicken wings. Nuts and seeds too. Mga kutkutin.

Appetite Change
I used to love sweets. Now I avoid them. It's so weird. What's more weird is my sudden hate towards sinigang, sisig and chicharon. I used to crave for fatty foods, now I'm disgusted.

Metal Mouth
This is real. There's a metallic aftertaste to certain food, meats in particular. 

Lower Back Pain
Back pain must be the most uncomfortable symptom for me.

Frequent Urination
This I have to live with.

More Farts
This my husband has to live with. **evil grin**

Not having morning sickness is a blessing. It's been a really chill first trimester for me... for now.

UPDATE as of July 8, 2016:
Sadly, my first pregnancy was a failure and I'm expecting to miscarry anytime soon...
The Firstborn That Wasn't Meant to Be (READ HERE)

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