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I'm Sure This Isn't Just Bloat

Estimated between 9 to 11 weeks pregnant now and I'm still in shock.
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When I found out, I was on the fifth or seventh week.

My husband and I never thought I would conceive this early in our marriage.
He's diabetic. I have long and irregular cycle. My age is at the end of the calendar.

Until I found out...

I had to be sure before telling my husband.

I took an online test! Three of them. The results are all the same.

So that afternoon, I texted my husband. I told him to buy a PT Kit on his way home. Around 4:00 AM the next morning, Sunday, I took the test.

Roy was still sleeping. I didn't want to wake him so I just whispered to his ear, "Advanced Happy Father's Day." He was still soundly asleep. I couldn't sleep after seeing the two lines in the PT. I was laying down wide awake.

He woke up an hour after, saw the PT kit, and had no clue what the two lines meant!
**Guys talaga**

Our families and close friends were the first to know. We couldn't stop them from telling the good news to more friends.

Before the two lines appeared

I was in total denial. I was convincing myself that my period is late again and the symptoms I was experiencing were heightened PMS. Like my brother said, "Baka naipong topak lang yan." (Collected tantrums)

But I knew that it was different from everything I've experienced before.


My husband started rubbing my tummy while chanting "Baby boy... baby boy..." He already has four nieces from his two older brothers so were pressured to produce a boy.

My mother and mother-in-law knew right before the pregnancy test when we told them about the symptoms.

My father, upon hearing the news, was so focused on another subject, that the news didn't sink in.

My brothers, like my father, can't seem to grasp the idea that they're going to be uncles real soon.

We instantly got a lot of baby-related advice from our friends, especially from moms in the church.

Youngsters from the church are excited cheering for me and baby, and they're really curious about my pregnancy symptoms.

How hubby is doing

Roy is totally supportive. I've never gone to a doctor's appointment alone. He takes care of breakfast preparations. If he could do all the house chores, he will. He says he doesn't want to spoil me, but that's what he's doing most of the time.

We have until the end of 2016 to figure out how pregnancy works and prepare for our first baby. We're excited and terrified at the same time.

UPDATE as of July 8, 2016:
Sadly, my first pregnancy was a failure and I'm expecting to miscarry anytime soon...

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